Hungarian Duck Blood Soup Recipe

So the base of this soup came from a Eastern Cookbook I have and is called Duck Blood Soup, I messed with it a bit, mainly because I didn’t have any heavy cream in the house, and I didn’t want the heavier taste of the duck liver they called for.. I also changed the acid from Regular vinager to Red Wine Vinager.. I also added and removed at least one other thing, so between it all.. I’m pretty sure I can call this

 Farmgal Duck Blood Soup. -Serves two

  1. 1/2 tsp of rendered lard-I used tallow
  2. One small finely diced onion
  3. One large clove of finely diced Garlic
  4. One tablespoon of finely diced green onions or leeks (I used predone frozen diced leeks)
  5. One large Portabella mushroom (white will work in a pinch)
  6. 2 oz of finely chopped scrap meat from the back of the bird
  7. 2 cups of duck bone broth or beef bone broth
  8. 1 tbsp of honey
  9. 2 tbsp of Red Wine Vinager
  10. Salt, Pepper, a pinch of Keens hot mustard.
  11. The fresh cleaned* blood of one duck, mixed with two tbsp of cold water, slowly poured in and whisked to prevent lumps, slow simmer till thicken and cooked.
  12. Serve up with a dollop of greek yogurt or a swirl of heavy cream, with fresh chives on top if you have them in season.

* Collect the blood from your bird, put though a very fine seive, and remove all clots or tiny feathers, chill till ready to use, it will be a very clean bright red color, they say fresh blood will keep 24 hours in the fridge but it also freeze’s very well but will thaw much darker in color.

Put your fat into a small steel cookpot, and then cook your onion, garlic, mushroom and diced scrap duck meat, add broth, honey, and vinager, spices an simmer for five to eight min to allow the flavor’s to blend. Then reduce your heat to a very slow simmer, and add your blood/water mix and stir together, and simmer for another few min till thick, it will turn a deep dark color. If its not as thick as you would like, can use corn starch to make it more thick, I found it find just using the blood.

I tried it plain and it was good but I put the dollop of greek yogurt and it just popped it from good to something this side of YUM! Heavenly.

So I have to admit that I had my worries about making this soup but honestly, its blew my mind a little at just how good this soup tastes, even DH tried it and said its good enough that he will take his full portion and that is saying something..

The best way to explain what I think the blood gave to the soup, is a richness a depth of flavour that you typically only get after you have simmered a bone broth for a day and then made a meat/veggie stew and simmered it on the stove all day long.. 

Now I am going to be honest and say, I don’t think very many folks are going to have the chance to find fresh duck blood in the city and I really have to wonder if the fact that it was really fresh made a difference in just how amazing this soup turned out and tasted! This will get made again!


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