Canadian Goose Beans

Well, someone messed up on the package at the local seed event, when it said runners, it should have said bush bean.. but none the less, they are being odd..

All my records show that they should need another two to three weeks from planting time before they should be flowering.. but tell them that..

they are planted in my round bales and I am struggling to keep them watered enough, or maybe feed enough, I am going to move over to feeding them more to see if it helps, I have decent growth but lots of yellow stress leaves as well..


What is shocking to me is that I also have tons and I do mean tons of blooms and the start of beans already..  I will be picking some for fresh eating as they will be the first ready but most of them are going for dried beans, some for seed saving and the rest for soup beans, of which I understand that this bean is outstanding at..


I look forward to trying them again in soil to see if they grow at the same rates as they have in the permaculture straw bales.

Normally I get july off mostly in terms of processing, we eat out of the garden but I am not so sure this year, I have a ton coming quite early due to the combo of lots of rain and a good amount of heat

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  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Ed Lawrence (Gardening Guru on CBC Radio One, Mondays @13:00) has often said that overwatering can be just as bad as under watering and have the same effect on plants… Too much and the roots drown, can’t absorb moisture, wilt and die… Not enough? Same thing; wilt and die.
    You said it, too much water is washing out your plants. This year there may be some surprise crops coming out on top, compared to “normal”, hey?

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