Food Storage Friday-How much Sugar did we use in 2011?

What a amazing supper tonight, a pd of grass fed lamb, a quart of tomato’s, onions, and peppers mix, a pint of corn, a pint of pinto beans, half a cup of diced dried mushrooms, and for that only thing not raised, grown or processed on the farm, a cup of coucous..(Shameful I know, I could have used potato’s but didn’t) A delightful goulash to which both me and Dh helped ourselves to seconds, and cleaned the bowl up.. thankfully, I have enough made for a simple reheat lunch tomorrow. Dessert is fresh sheep milk greek style yogurt with canned strawberries, heavenly!

As I dipped into a small dish of yugurt and strawberries as a afternoon snack, I made a note in the farm book, see if I can reduce the sugar in the canned strawberries for half of them, I can with a much heavier sugar base then many of the “new light” canning books say you can as I want my canning to be able to be just as good at the two year mark as at the three month mark.. but still I think I will try a very small batch of four and see if I can bring it down just a tad without loss of texture and taste.. The reason for wanting at least two years, is you just never know what the next garden season will bring.

The remark on sugar made me realize that I could now measure out what was left in my big bucket and finish the numbers on what we used for the year here on the farm.. Now according to Dr. Oz “The average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar per year”

Now its worth noting, that I use and tracked three kinds of sugars on the farm.. White Sugar, Molassies and Raw Local Honey. Do I even need to say that there is NO corn syrup on the farm (well to be honest there is a bottle but its been there since the move down from the artic, I used to use it make puff wheat sqaures), I do have some leftover icing sugar from my last sealift order 9 years ago, that is also in storage, if I want brown sugar, I make my own.

So I buy one ten pd bucket of raw local honey once a year, my local bee hive owner down the way has offered to put in another hive this year so that I can buy a bit more, and I am still looking at considering getting my own, for a number of reason’s.

I was surprised to see that I in fact used just over 9 pds of molassies for use in the house..

Now comes the white sugar.. I bought and used 122 pds for the year of 2011, now I can’t say that we consumed 122 pds because approx 88 pds of that went into canning use, and I still have over a thousand of my jars in the cellar, so I canned just around 1300 jars or so.. of them about 70 percent went into either syrup or brine or sauce, all of which used sugar.  Which is right around 900 jars, we have used 300 jars already in this past year, plus I figure another 200 jars from last year, for a total of 500 jars.. so if my math is right, around 48 pds of sugar in those 500 eaten jars for the year 2011.

So waiting in the cellar is at least another 78 pds of sugar and food products for this coming year to be use.. that means we used for baking, cooking and in the canned goods for the year a total of 62pds of white sugar.

So a total of White Sugar 62 pds, Honey 10 pds, and molassies 9 pds, but there are two of us in the house.. so we each used 31pds of sugar, 5 pds of honey and 4.5 pds of Molassies each..

So for in house use, we used 119 pds less then the average person in N.A. -Not bad, Not bad at all.. but then comes the bad part.. how do we figure out how much sugar is eaten on the eating out meals, we don’t eat out often but we both do eat out on trips off the farm, and we do have date nights etc.. so we are going to go with a pd of sugar per month, because this is something we didn’t track, and I can’t even begin to try and figure out..

So that brings up to 43 pds of sugar per year.. now a 107 pds less then average person in N.A. What do you think? Not bad, or still way! to much.. I don’t know, we can certainly cut down our odd meals out, make better choices, track it closer for the coming year to figure out a more closer account.. 

 I can’t and won’t stop using the required amount of sugar for proper preserving, so that stays, I already use fruit or veggie butters for alot of baking, cooking, and use natural dried fruits for adding sweetness to things..

So how much sugar are you using per person per year in your neck of the woods? Got any tips to share to help me reduce the amount? 

This is going to be my Emergency Preparedness Post for the Homestead Preparedness Challange for the month of Jan, Knowing how much sugar is required for a typical year in regards to use for this family, this homestead is very important, it will allow me to tailor the amount needed to meet my two year storage pantry, basic lists on the internet are great for a general info but its well worth the time to find out what is required for your! needs.

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18 Responses to Food Storage Friday-How much Sugar did we use in 2011?

  1. queen of string says:

    So, after a tiny bit of googling, that’s the last time I buy brown sugar! Why does no one tell you this stuff? It’s not even like this one is difficult.

    Farmgal, you know so much stuff, you probably dont realise even the half of what the rest of us dont know!

    I have no true idea of what we went through last year, I certainly didn’t buy 750lbs of sugars for the 5 of us as sugar. I think we used a 10kg bag all year! But then I do buy some sauces and some processed foods still so there would have been sugars in them. This year I will be preserving a lot more so there will be more used, but not lots as most will be savoury stuff. DH is on insulin so sweet preserves are just sent to torment him.

    • QoS, I’m positive that I posted about the brown sugar thing – with pictures and everything – on the old blog. Last Christmas, when Mr D and I were making French Sugar Pie. 🙂 AND you can control how dark you want your brown sugar to be, too. Like Farmgal, I haven’t bought brown sugar in ages.

      For the most part, we just use white sugar in our coffee. 1 tablespoon in our insulated mugs and we each have 2 of them a day. We last bought 12 2-kg bags when Shoppers Drug Mart had them on sale, and I expect that 24 kg to last us the year. However, we also have 30 kg of pasteurized honey. I only have blackstrap molasses at the moment – a bit of bad judgment because, as tasty as that as (Starvation keeps trying to get into the bottle), it’s certainly not sweet.

      I didn’t do many jams and sweet preserves – most of my fruit got dried, and I’ve realized we like it best that way. In my apple-cranberry sauce, I used 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups honey for 13 bags of cranberries and 5 pounds of apples, so that’s not very sweet. (Delicious, though!) We’re working hard on brainwashing the kids that sugar is bad – oh, they know it TASTES good, but it makes them sick. They happily eat unsweetened applesauce, oatmeal with dried fruit as sweetener, pancakes with butter.

      • queen of string says:

        I must have missed that CD, or maybe it was before I joined you? I shall have a little look at the sugar pie later anyways 🙂

      • I hope to do more drying this year, now that I have a much better quality control for different products.. you do seem to be very good at having a famiy that is good with alot less sweets that’s for sure..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Oh no CD! Once you’ve used up your Pasteurized “honey” (they found honey in King Tut’s tomb that was still edible, pasteurisation is NOT necessary) PLEASE, I beg of you, go and get some local, natural, “as-god-intended-it” honey from the farmer’s market or, heck why not make it a fall ritual and find an Apiary (bee farm) nearby? Here’s a link to help you find handy info on honey and bees, recipes and sellers (also known as Beekeepers; ) from the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association.
        Bee well, Deb

    • Hi Queen

      Very interesting thoughts on how much sugar your house uses, and glad that you now know about how to make brown sugar, it so easy to do, no reason at all to pay extra for them to pre-mix it for you.

  2. Lynn says:

    I would be thinking this through just as you did. We have quite a bit of sugar stored up for our canning needs. I store white sugar, organic unprocessed sugar, honey, sorghum, and molasses.
    Do we eat the average amount of sugars? No chance — we aren’t soda drinkers. We make our own things like ketchup which eliminates the corn syrup addition there, too. And when we have a snack, we don’t eat processed junk. So right off the top, we’re not eating like most do. Our sugar consumption comes from jams and jellies plus our desserts after our evening meal. If fruit sugars are calculated into the average amount, I would know where to begin since we eat 2-3 fruits a day and in the summer, much more. Still, I think we are consuming less sugar than the ‘average’ noted.

    Like you, I’m unwilling to reduce the sugar requirements in jam-making even though the jams are too sweet for my taste. I just use less jam! lol

    • Hi Lynn

      I can’t say that I am surprised to hear that you are below average, Its true that the fruit sugars do add up but I would need alot more research to make sure I am right but I got the idea from reading it that it was not including “natural fruit or veggie sugars” but raither refined sugars

  3. Andrea says:

    Queen of string, you are priceless! I came to the same realization about 2 weeks ago when I found out what spreadable bowl butter really is… takes 2 minutes, 2-3 ingredients and costs a fraction of what Land O Lakes sells it for. They don’t want us to know how easy this stuff is to make because then we’ll make it ourselves and cut into their bottom line!

    As far as how much sugar we use, I’m not sure, but I intend to track it this year. We normally do a big stock up trip when we get our tax refund each February and sugar is high on the list this year. I’m hoping our maple sugar experiment is a success and will reduce the amount of sugar we use on the table, at least.

  4. Yay for the girls who know how to make their own brown sugar! 🙂

    I’m afraid to know how much sugar I have consumed this year. I know I did a lot of baking due to stress.

  5. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations! You won the Preparedness Challenge Give-Away!
    Email me with your address so I can get the water barrel mailed to you. (homesteadrevival at sbcglobal dot net)
    Thanks so much for linking up! Your post was GREAT!

  6. Congrats on winning the giveaway over at Hometead Revival. I wanted to stop by and pay a visit 😉 🙂 I’ve never tracked how much sugar I use…but I’ve literally cut out all sugar out of diet, other than raw honey. That seems to be the only source of sugar that my body will tolerate right now 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

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