Warm sun and fresh air..

Its been a amazing week in terms of spending time outside, another 80 feet of peas planted, for a total of 165 feet worth in different gardens, total five kinds, snow pees, green peas, purple podded peas and one kind for drying and soups


Expanded the bed around the teepee garden, its first planting out is in peas..


my tray of rhubarb seedlings are doing well, some are tall and red and other short, thick and green.. having a seed starting, seedling transfer potting up girls day coming next week, going to be fun!


three nests full of healthy now eyes open of rabbit kits..


Patrick is the calmest, most friendly kitten ever!


and trusting, hubby say to me.. does this comfortable, I laughed and said, must get picture.. o Patrick.. you are truly a chill cat


I on the other hand am in training for my bust plans to get out an do more hikes this year.. running Sunday to Saturday, I got 5 walk-hikes in for a total of 7 km, which is both great and not to much at the same time. I still need energy to do the farm and slowly build up strength after a winter of healing from falling though the floor in the out building..


Have a great sunday..





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2 Responses to Warm sun and fresh air..

  1. Patrick couldn’t be any cuter…What a little snuggle baby! And that is a beautiful picture of you on the rock!

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