Breakfast on the river bank


Yesterday, we took a hike down a river edge and farmers fields early in the morning and had our breakfast on the river bank..



We also took a hike over and across a hay field and these two just begged to be taken in black and white..


Grandfather tree above and this fence to no where.. this was the whole fence.. what was left of something..


Then we went to town and I got a few fresh things, the forage pickings on and off the farm is so slim at the moment, last week, the only things I could forage was Bloody dock leaves, Stinging Nettles, Strawberry Leaves and SunChokes..  just not enough..   I am craving fresh so much!

I also am craving color and so I said to hubby, do you think that the local greenhouse is open, they will have little pansy’s ready already, they always do.. I knew that I would not buy a basket but I could buy a little set or two and make my own basket, so we turned in and then hubby said.. hey check this out.. Pink Blueberries..


Photo not mine, off the net, but gives you the idea..

How cool, so four new Pink Lemonade Blue Berry Bushes came home to the farm as well. I will keep them in their pots for a while yet and take the time needed to prepare their ground well and add them into the food hedges..

Any of you growing pink lemonade blueberries and if so, want to share what you think of them, some say, they taste like blueberry and other say they have hints of lemonade to them..

We spent a good amount of time mowing and taking back a area that got away from us last year.. we are mowing early this year with the mulching blades as I did not want to rake it all, but now that is nice and open, I can carefully put Juno out for a graze as goat control but it must be done very carefully or she will be happy to eat many things I do not want eaten 🙂

Still waiting on my goat kids but her bag is developing nicely, really liking what I am seeing so far, and her baby bump is growing daily at this point..







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3 Responses to Breakfast on the river bank

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Would love to know how the pink lemonade blueberries work as a preserve. I am now dreaming of making them the filling in my lemon cake… or as the preserve over top of my lemon pound cake… let me know.

    • Will do, I expect it will take at least three years before I get a really good harvest, they are two or three year bushes in one gallon pots, so I expect that they need to be at least two or three years on the farm before I will have a good sample.. Having said that.. o my.. hmmm lemon pound cake with pink blueberry perserves.. sounds awesome!

  2. Loving your black & whites: )

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