Its slowly greening up..

What a quiet and lovely day it has been today, a rest day as they say..

P1060551 (2)

Napping can be a wonderful thing indeed..  This wee bundle is called Marble, and now we have three kittens on the farm this year..   an Marble makes three..  three lovely kittens that have joined the farm’s purrpots pride.. we will see who stays and who might get a new home off the farm..

Tuesday, was a ladies day.. one of those magic moment where a group of women gather, its a joy really.. they all knew me but while strangers meet in the morning, I think I can say that friendships were made.  We spent the morning visiting and playing with boxes, and totes of seeds, picking and share the bounty, no one left empty handed.. Then we had the most awesome potluck lunch and got busy planting out trays of seeds and transplanting baby tomato’s, peppers, and rhubarb seedlings..


it was great fun! we put those tomato babies into their big grow out pots and they were tucked in right to their leaves so that all the stem can grow more roots and create a strong plant to be moved out in five weeks give or take on my last frost dates..


We started more tomato’s cabbages, cucumbers and so much more.. just a handful of so many things, the push to get a few more of this and that to produce the first eating crops..


Afterwards it was perfect timing for tea and cake and more visiting..  Weds arrived bright and sunny..  and Farm Helper GG arrived to give a hand..

We got more layers planted into the teepee, we got all the early plantings into the front garden, and then we started on the main garden front area.. I am not sure how we forgot before photos.. but it was a lovely old mess with everything having overwinter but by the time we called it on Weds.. it was coming a long really well..


The front rows of fencing was already planted into peas a week ago, but the rest is being cleaned and prepped, it will be finished being planted by this weekend and I will do a proper walk about for you.. Are you getting your hands into soil yet?


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7 Responses to Its slowly greening up..

  1. Oh boy, do I have Garden Helper envy – sure wish mine looked like that; matter of fact I wish that whole day could be repeated here; )

  2. nannygrannie says:

    Looking good!!! I’ve just started a garden in my backyard where I’m growing a bunch of vegetables. Excited to follow you. Happy growing 🙂

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