The Battle is on!

This Beetle is on the farm this year in mass, I understand why, many of my typical thing I do each year was not done last year..

Its being reflected in some of the issues I am having this year, plus its just a great year for them.. they are bad everywhere..

The fox has me locking my birds up.. this is a bad thing when it come to bug patrol..  * more on that later


We are hand picking twice a day, and we are getting on average at least 50 plus adults, so much fun..


But look at the damage they can do and quickly..


What is your current issue in the gardens. My second one is rust.. o yes.. rust you are getting the cut, bag and spray treatment on the beans

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2 Responses to The Battle is on!

  1. pasadena10 says:

    I keep hearing from friends around the Rock that they are all having problems with their rhubarb – a lot of red leaves. I’ve cut mine right back to see if any of it can be salvaged but likely the rot is right through the plant and I’ll have to dig it and incinerate it and the soil it was in… then put the soil in the compost pile. Our bad bugs are mostly of the black fly/deer fly variety and they are thick this year.

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