Canning Rhubarb Fruit in Bulk

I often can things in bulk form and that means that I do things more by weight then I do recipe. This is something that those that are putting up larger amounts do more often..

However this is a big challenge for those that are learning or new to canning.. they want those perfect recipes.. I get it! I really do, I love my recipes just as much. When I am doing a new recipe I ideally want all the details.

In total I put up 30 pints of two kinds of rhubarb fruit, when it comes to rhubarb, its approx. a pound a pint..  This rhubarb has a story to it. On my one local garden groups, a lady came on and said.. I just moved to this house and the owner has 2 rhubarb plants, I do not want them, they are big, she moved them from the farm when she came to town, if you want them come get them.. I was first in line and when I got there, I just stared.. each plant was massive.. and I was told that they had come over in last 1800’s from Germany and was on the family farm for many, many years till she moved to town.. and she brought her beloved rhubarb with her.. its not Canada ruby red, I call it my german pie as it matches it in many way but I should call it my german to be fair.

Each of those plants split into six plus a few little babies and its a massive producer, I picked a full laundry basket on four plants..

Once cleaned up and chopped up..

It was split into two portions. One that made a Rhubarb-peach blend and one that made a pinnapple-rhubarb blend. The big round pot holds 12 quarts when I make soup or stew and the big roaster can hold a 20 pound turkey no problem.

So how do you figure out what to use for sugar in recipes like this? It goes by weight.. The books say 1/2 cup of sugar per pound of rhubarb.. if your rhubarb is very sour, you can go up to 3/4 a cup but you should not go below the 1/2 cup for safety. The other fruits can go different syrup rates, I use what equals light syrup, which works out to 1 cup of sugar per pound of cleaned, chopped and weighted at the finished ready to go fruit.. (no pits, no peel, no core etc)

I cook them together till the rhubarb is broken into threads as the base and the other fruit is cooked till softened. Hot fruit mix blend into prepared hot jars and then process them for 15 min.

I make a number of different blends for the year for hubbies use.. he needs a min of 70 jars of rhubarb blends for his work lunches.

Farmgal tip of the day  If you want to make different fruits when the rhubarb is ready, you can buy the frozen fruit from the store and use it with the blend. Or you can prepare the rhubarb and bag it into big freezer bags and wait until the fruit is ready and pull them out and can it up then. In this case, I bought the frozen fruit to make these.

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2 Responses to Canning Rhubarb Fruit in Bulk

  1. Christine says:

    Oh my gosh, all that glorious rhubarb…. I’m so envious! I bought two crowns last year and planted them in containers – rhubarb in the stores around here is stupidly expensive so I thought I’d grow my own! But they clearly need to be in the ground to thrive. I’ll probably transplant them. Thanks for sharing your guidelines! Maybe one day I will have enough to do this with.

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