31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Four Overview


Week Four Overview

O my time is flying by, the challenge is almost over.. and then I need to do the overview. The past week has been great.. but so busy! My husband was home for the week, a total of nine days on the farm. We pretty much worked in the gardens, yard or on the farm, or we went visiting friends or had friends in. It kept us hopping.. but was awesome. The heat however not so much! Way, WAY to hot for the end of may.. deep summer heat.. we have been at 30 to 36c so that is over 90F most of the week.

Things that we got done over the past week.

  • Got 9 more fruit bushes planted in the food hedges, brought in more high bush cranberries, 2 more Chokeberry and more blueberries
  • Created a new Sunchoke bed area. I have total of five kinds and this one is of my favorite kind.. very large.. Aster lane edibles in the Ottawa area sells them.. they are GREAT!
  • Started up a new freezer for more room.. Juno (My oldest female has been removed from my little herd and is no longer) I have her daughters Jada, Latte and Chino, so the blood line continues
  • We have had both chicks and ducklings hatch.. and we have seven more girls sitting, five hens and two more duck hens yet
  • We added in two more water barrels and we have had some rain, thankfully and the rain catchments are full.
  • Got the Been Teepee cleaned up and planted.
  • Got more gardens done and planted
  • Got 30 babies strawberry plants dug out and transplanted into pots till I can make a new strawberry bed

The bloggers in this challenge have been very busy! I am behind on my reading and I am trying to get caught back up.. They have at least a dozen or more new blog posts up over the past week.  They are covering all kinds of subjects, I really liked the post on how to save money on chick feed! (so worth the read)  I loved the frozen creamy treat recipe, hmmm it looked so cool an yummy. Someone might have a stuff burger that looks outstanding and so much more.

I am cheating this week.. I am not picking or pulling a link for you.. instead I am giving you teasers above so that if you have not followed out the blogs links, this might get you there..

The challenge is coming to a end today.. its been a great month.. so much as gotten done.. There is one thing that has been happening over the month that is directly related to this challenge and that is me getting in better shape and losing some weight. Both of these are very good things. Its been a work in progress for sure, but I am now 3 sizes smaller then I was at the same time last year.  This is a very good thing!

I had gotten the new smaller jeans on a amazing sale.. I finally had to cut a pair of them into shorts because my regular shorts from last year where just falling off me lol and that cute top.. got it in my new size at the second hand shop for a dollar.. o ya! Boy am I getting tan already for so early in the season.

Please check out this outstanding bloggers that are joining in the challenge. More might join as we go along.

Lisa Lynn – The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Maria – Maria Zannini

Frank – My Green Terra

Shawnalee – Homegrown Self Reliance

Ashley – Practical Self Reliance 

Candy- Candy’s Farm House Party

Robin- A life in the wild

Kathi – Oak Hill Homestead

Nancy- Nancy on the Homefront

AnnMarie- 15 Acre Homestead

And myself.. Just another day on the farm 🙂

I will be writing new content for this challenge. However I am also going to bring out of off my most popular homesteading and related posts over the blogs seven plus years history. We are asked to do a one week round up and sharing of other blogs favorite posts, I am looking forward to getting to know these new bloggers. We never stop learning 🙂


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8 Responses to 31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Four Overview

  1. candy says:

    We are just trying to keep up with the weeding right now. We haven’t had rain and it has been so hot so watering is something we are now doing.

    • Hi Candy, I hear you on that one.. I am weeding each day, but they are still outpacing us.. we are focused on keeping the seed rows clear and the bigger plants cleared around them.. and then I just use the hoe every couple other days and cut an drop as much as I can, if it has to be cut, I put it in a bucket for the pig

      Sorry to hear that you have not had rain.. hopefully you can reach your garden with soaker hoses? and are not needing to do it by hand

  2. LISA Lynn says:

    Good for you! I’m on a ‘slim down’ plan too…work my butt off! lol! You’ve been so busy…keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. LISA Lynn says:

    And you also reminded me that I never shared my favorite posts…dang. 😦

  4. I love your posts and I am so glad I got to start following you through this challenge! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

  5. mariazannini says:

    Congratulations on the new size. Good for you!!

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