Work Work WORK

I am making little moans every time I move lol.. Clearly off-loading fence post logs use muscles that regular chores, garden or mowing does not..   Thankful that the gentleman that brought them gave me a HUGE helping hand in getting these off the truck and stacked nicely to continue to dry. These are fresh cut this spring (they have been drying about a month or so) and they are still very heavy.

Got a great deal on somewhat local(within an hour) drive of the farm of cedar fence posts. One lots of 50 this spring with a fall order of another 50 coming. They were sold that some could be as small as six inches with the big being as much as 9 or ten inches, with the average being at least 7 inches across..

It would be fair to say that most are at least 8 inches across, there are two of the biggest 10 to 12 inches across on the very bottom, I am thinking of using them to create either a new cloths line or new cross tie posts for the horse’s.

Some of the posts are going to fix the current fencing, and some of it is planned to split the big pasture into two smaller pastures for rotation grazing.

I sure got these for a great deal compared to the cost of the same size posts at TSC even with tax and deliver, it was still savings of 4 dollars a post.. that’s just awesome. Turns out someone came to the place with truck and trailer and bought them out on the past weekend, he wanted my lot but the owner said, no those are pre-sold.. Its my understanding the guy tried to do .. I will pay  extra per post if I can get them.. Grateful that my seller kept his word and held my load 🙂 Great guy for sure.

Got the Big Garbage bin  its the  20 foot long back on the farm this spring, I have three weeks to fill it up with a combo of house purging, farm clean up and the last of the reno stuff that has been stored over the winter. I am so excited to get this piles out of my yards.. I have been working around the piles so that means that I have a lot less work once they are moved out.. its just a matter of cleaning up..  I have no doubt that we will be able to fully fill it up.. once those things out, I will give everything a deep clean and head count and look forward to re-doing everything so I KNOW what I have and wear it is at

After I get that done, I have booked loads of gravel to come in and touch up the lane and the yards. Gravel is great but it does tend to need to be re-done every so many years.

So far keeping on the gardening that must be done, but lots and lots more to do as always.. have a great Saturday folks!

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2 Responses to Work Work WORK

  1. bluestempond says:

    Springtime on a farm is a real trial for your body, isn’t it?

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