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What a week? Hubby took the full week off and we had lots of visiting.. two visiting friends off the farm, two visits on the farm.  It was nice to have the company and great to see our longer term friends and newer friends as well.

We worked on the gardens and the food forest none stop.. in many cases we were clearing land and mowing it down to prepare it for future use..  We got gardens planted and the big bean teepee cleaned out and planted out.

The Pea’s are up, the broad beans up, the first planted canning and fresh eating beans are up and now the hot weather crops are going in..

Yes this bed has been weeded for the moment (wait a week lol) and the first tieing up the tomato ask been done.. something snapped off one of my cherry tomato’s in the main garden (this is the gate garden and its only planted into roma’s) so its in a jar of water growing new roots. the pea’s in this garden are already up the fence by a solid six inches.

So there is one other thing, I don’t talk about it much here on the blog but on the other hand, I am sure that many folks have already guessed that our lifestyle fits into a number of titled groups.. Farm, Small holding, Homestead and what I do fits into many others, be it gardener, homesteader Prepper

I have been a member of the Canadian Prepper Board for many years now and I have been a mod for seven of them (wow time flies by) and I with the help of a dear friend or two and my hubby over the years have also hosted the big Ottawa and area .. but we have drawn folks to the event from both Ontario and Quebec for our full day event where we have presented all kind of homestead related events.  From making salves, soaps to making fresh cheese to making mock coffee out of Chicory and so much more.

Please note that the Canadian Prepper board is focused on main stream issues, we gently try and move the tin-foil hat folks off to different boards. In a way, we are on the lighter side of prepping, we believe in being prepared for power outages, storms, putting up from the gardens and being able to get by if things went bad due to one of the ever increasing extreme weather events, or the more personal down turn of job loss, health issues or down turn in the general area or country.  While sometimes folks do talk about some of the more “out there” topics its kept a eye on and locked down or removed to the fringe area.

I was asked to do a interview by a regular on the board for his own wild and crazy blog.. he is a fellow Canadian and he has a big personality 🙂  (consider yourself warned)

It was strange to be asked some of the questions he did but I answered them as honestly as I could. Perhaps a little to honestly for the net? Anyway if you want to check out my interview.. here is the link for you.

Consider his posts at a min PG 13 (please don’t have it open with the children around ok,) and some times he bumps it right into what I consider R rated. However other then the one f-word in my own post.. its pg rated.

However having said that, if you can get past  or enjoy his quirky sense of humor, there is really interesting things on his blog.. his wife is MrsDc5 and I love when she write on the blog as well. They have been traveling for her work into 3rd world counties and I have found many of these posts very interesting in terms of how they are getting things done with more man labour in a low oil world living.

I have also enjoyed his farm related posts, if there is one thing you can say about C5, he really will do those wild and crazy jobs on the farm and then come back a few years later and tell you what did or did not work out and why. I try hard to do that one my own blog and I find so many only post the positive. Nothing wrong with that, I like to post the positive as well but its nice to have a more overall truthful view of the fact that this can be a lot harder of a lifestyle them more think

Homesteading is hard work.. and yes if you made me pick a title I would say I am small land holder.. showing my English roots there

Well, I had better get back to canning my rhubarb mixed fruit for hubbies lunch’s for the year, I picked and am processing a full laundry baskets worth today

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