Zucchini Fruit with Pinnapple

I love this, for full recipes please read this page on making mock pinnapple..

Otherwise, enjoy the photo of the process! so so good, the extra juice was made into a amazing jelly!

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Peeling, chopping, cooking and then getting to have the last bit as a amazing treat! Love, Love this recipe that use’s up those nice big Zucchini and turns it into amazing canned winter fruit of the highest quality!

While I still adore this tradional way of making this fruit, I have since come across two fun ways to use it..

One : add a package of your favorite flavoured jello.. and turn the fruit into a different flavour.. raspberry or cherry or blueberry.. you get the idea!

Two: take the flavoured colored fruit out and dry it down into zucchini gummy’s..  so good.. adults and kids alike love it!

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1 Response to Zucchini Fruit with Pinnapple

  1. Looks a lot like the candied Citron my dad used to make: ). Ooo… Fruit Cake!

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