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Chick Care 101

  Ideally, if you already have chickens you are going to let your broody hen do all this work for you.  You can help pick the eggs she is sitting on but its just so much easier to let the … Continue reading

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Farm Puttering

A farmer friend said, you want some oats, I have to much for the bin, and so the extra are in the one ton bag and I said, I would be interested, I had gone off the farm and when … Continue reading

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Gardening, Compost and Small Farms

Its a long slow process of putting the garden to bed, still got very slow growing green covers in places, some things are still giving to the kitchen, was able to bring in sage and different kinds of mints for … Continue reading

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Chicken Power in the garden

Chicken Cruiser, Mobile Chicken Coop, Chicken Tractor, or Chicken Ark in our neck of the woods, the names all mean the samething in general, a moveable pen where your chickens get to be both confined(aka Safe) and yet have a fresh … Continue reading

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Raising Chicks 101

As I write this, I am listening to the peep-peep for the chicks and the whistle-whistle of the turkey day olds, you can tell by their sounds that they are content, its a soft sound, I had my hatching numbers for … Continue reading

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Fall update on Hugelbeets and how well they produced in year one.

This spring we made three hugelbeets, two on our own place, and one at a friends of ours, I figure its time to show the results, the issue with the results is that they just look like overrun mounds covered … Continue reading

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How does your Garden Grow

Hi Guys I will try and start doing regular weekly updates on how does the garden grow with photos as a few folks have asked for something like this.. so here goes Harvested this week: Greens, Romaine, Radishs, Green Onions … Continue reading

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A little Farm Update

So here is some of my mostly finished compost from last year’s pile, its looks like its coming along just wonderfully.. below, here is some compost tea ready for use in the garden. Below that, is a wonderful growing area … Continue reading

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Hugelbeet-Round 2

So we are now working on our second big full sun Hugelbeet, we measured them today as DH and I were not in agreement on the size of them, so the first smaller one is 14 feet by 8 feet … Continue reading

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Homemade Paper Making using Sheep Manure

Had a couple really great questions and comments on my first post about making homemade paper using Cow Manure, along with a few great ideas. So one of them was that in the UK they sell Welsh Sheep Poo Paper, … Continue reading

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