How does your Garden Grow

Hi Guys

I will try and start doing regular weekly updates on how does the garden grow with photos as a few folks have asked for something like this.. so here goes

Harvested this week: Greens, Romaine, Radishs, Green Onions Strawberries, Pea’s, Green Tomato’s, Red Currents.
Planted this week: Beans, Radishes, Onions, More Pepper Plants(9 more)
The first potato plantings (of which there are three staggered plantings)required its second hilling, and the second planting is ready for its first hilling.

I can’t get over the potato’s in the first planting, they are crazy good this year, I mean amazing, they are at least three feet high already, in full bloom and they look great, as you can see in the photo of the sea of potato’s and there are four kinds there and they are all rockin I checked my garden book, as they are growing off the charts for this time of year, and I think I have it figured out.. Rabbit poo.. that are of the garden was done last fall with rabbit manure and then dug in early this spring after resting all winter, now to test this out, I will pick a different spot in the garden that I have grown potato’s in before, and will do the rabbit, this fall and plant next year to see if I get the same results.

So the cabbage is coming along not bad, I see some leaf damage, and will need to weed out the row and get it covered by the floating row covers, The ground cherries plants didn’t get big but they were in bloom when I left and look at them now, the fruits are already forming, I am already gettins some Zucchini from the plant that was greenhouse started but check out the pumpkin plant that grew from seed, already got a number of blooms forming, which is great, cause love to eat all parts of the pumpkin plant, the big tomato plants are a good three feet high and as you can see got good size green tomato’s, the sweet millions also are forming wee little round tomato’s, and as you can see from the photos, the pea’s are in full bloom and needing to be picked daily.. our second planting is up and doing well at a few inches high.

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5 Responses to How does your Garden Grow

  1. CallieK says:

    Holy crap your gardens are so far ahead of mine! I know I got a late start this year but I’d think from being so far south of you I’d still be ahead a bit.

    • Hi Callie

      I am used to folks locally telling me that I am ahead of them in the garden, however I totally agree with you, given how much further south you are, I am surprised as well. We did our first plantings out on time and we do have the greenhouse to do some of the starts, so perhaps that has helped things along.

  2. You’re miles ahead of mine too! We have had the coldest wettest spring in 50 yrs and everything ( even the ones in plastic cloches) are just sat shivering. The only thing ready to harvest is lettuce, the peas are in bloom and looking well, but no peas yet, and some of the turnips are close. I have no previous years to compare too as a grower ( save a few pots last year), but even on my 3rd Canadian summer, I can tell that this year, so far, is waaaaaaaaaaaay different to the last 2. It’s sad to see everything just waiting for a bit of warmth, I am hoping that when we do get some sun, they will all go beserk and catch up. We dont have a proper green house yet, so some things had to go in pots as they were too tall for the small plastic one I was using to start them off. Just reminded myself, must plant more cucumbers! The originals I foolishly planted in a moments sun, but the cold since will have finished them off. I’m grateful you’ve decided on regular posts, it will help remind me what I should be on top of, just like your foraging posts do!

    • Hi Queen,

      I agree, it was indeed a very wet cool spring here as well, certain things are behind, like the peppers, they are not liking this spring so far, the corn was finally high enough that the beans and squash have been planted into the three sisters, so needing to water them at this point as we have not had rain for a good week now.. they say three more hot days, then three days of off and on rain and heat, which is great for the garden but the weeds are keeping pace with the good stuff.

  3. mom says:

    Hi FG, M was here today telling me about your blog on our holiday. How do i get to read it? When I push favorites all i get is the jam and Girl, nothing of the trip,mom

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