Strawberry Jam

I promised Doomer in the winter that I would do up my basic Strawberry Jam recipe come this spring, and here it is.. now I will be posting about some of my different jams that have strawberries in them, I really like to mix Strawberry/apple, Strawberry/Rhubarb but today, its just plain straight up Strawberry Jam.

Now, for some reason the making of strawberry jam is one of the first ones that many folks try, for canning, and while it is basic and seems easy, its not a fruit that I consider to be a easy one for Jam, often the jam does not set, or it goes bad.. a couple reasons for this..

The setting is because strawberries would have to be considered little or no pectin, so you need to provide it by either using store bought or by either adding apple Pectin or by making homemade pectin.

The jam spoiling is a different matter, follow all your basic’s for canning, keep those jars hot in the simmering water, watch your fruit that you use, it want it as close to perfect as you can get but the one thing that I see often is that folks want to “cut” the sugar in this jam, and if you want to make freezer jam, go for it, if you want to eat your jam quickly and keep it in the fridge, give it a try..

However if you want your jam to last at least a year or a couple, don’t cut the sugar, your jam needs it.. so on with the show..

So right now my strawberry patch is giving me about 12 cups of whole strawberries daily, it should produce betweeen a 100 to 120 pds of fruit ideally for this season. My strawberries are bedded down on straw, so they don’t touch dirt, second, from the time I picked in the evening on a dry sunny day, to the time that I was making jam was about ten min, the time it took me to clean, and top/chop the fruit and get it into my steel pot.

I don’t make jam from berries that have been picked on rainy day’s, they get froze instead or used for fresh eating. cut off any soft spots, even its perfect fine for eating, don’t put it in the jam, be picky on the fruit that goes into the jam.

Do I even need to say that my strawberries do NOT having anything sprayed on them, these plants are 3rd generation plants on the farm since I have been here, if possable try and buy strawberries that have not been sprayed.

Strawberry Jam

8 cups of cleaned chopped Strawberries
4 cups of sugar
1/4 cup of lemon juice
1 package of pectin.

That’s it folks, put all three in your steel pot, bring to simmer, cook till the strawberries soften, and I like to use a potato masher on them to get them into smaller peices, follow directions on your package and once done, into clean hot jars and water bath for ten min, this makes me 5 half pint jars normally.

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1 Response to Strawberry Jam

  1. Sounds wonderful! First thing I canned this year, too. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment at Green Acres re. the calves. I’d be curious to hear what your mom has to say…our gut feeling was to wean by 3 months.

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