Marrow Fruit

I love Marrow Fruit, for alot more info on it, check out my linked post on how to make Mock Pinapple by using marrow fruit. In this case the summer sqaush that I am using is Zucchini, you want some of those big huge one that have got away, you peel and gut them out and chop them into slices or cubes.

So you can change the flavors by changing the flavor of the the juice you add to your fruit, so today I am busy canning up a batch of quart jars of Mock Peach Fruit.. Got to love those grenhouse grown Zucchini.

So for Peach Marrow Fruit, I cut my fruit, did it 4 to 1 ratio of sugar/fruit and mixed and let sit over night to drawn out the juice, then I added pure canned or frozen peach juice, or in a pinch, you can use jello flavoring to bring the juice up to the level of the top of the marrow, bring to a simmer and cook till the marrow turns a clear golden color, then process for ten min in hot water bath, will keep up to two years after that, the marrow will start to go mushy and won’t hold its shape as nicely, but can still be mashed and used in baking for another year if you want.

Compared to the costs of buying fruit, this is a VERY frugal way to can large amount of Mock Fruit in different flavors, try the pinapple version first, its the best!

Zapple Pie is well worth a try.. This one is way to easy..Make your favorite pie dough , follow your basic apple pie recipe but replace your sliced apples with slices of Zucchini..and bake as normal.. I swear, now one will be able to tell the difference between the apple and the Zucchini, or make it a Zapple Crisp into of a Apple Crisp 🙂 You get the idea..

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2 Responses to Marrow Fruit

  1. Daisy says:

    This is so cool!! I am so going to try this with zukes later on when I am swimming in them.

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