A little Farm Update

So here is some of my mostly finished compost from last year’s pile, its looks like its coming along just wonderfully.. below, here is some compost tea ready for use in the garden. Below that, is a wonderful growing area of stinging nettle very ready to be cut and dried for future use.

So, lets see, first to give credit were its due, Dh says these photo’s are before he weeded the garden, so I am sending them in the raw so to speak.. so you have a photo of the momma duck and her brood in their pen where they get to spend the first couple days till they are big enough to not get though the chain link fence for the bird pens.

Then some photos of the garden, Grape vine’s first, looks like we are going to have a good grape year, then one of our first tomato’s, they are three to four inches across, not bad for being taken in late May, one of the current bushes, they are loaded this year. and last but not least..already did the first hilling of the potatos..

Looks like we are going to get a bumper crop of strawberries even if they are late this year.

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6 Responses to A little Farm Update

  1. The lady were we got our rhubarb – she said her strawberries are looking to be a bumper crop, too, only about a month late.

  2. Daisy says:

    I’m jealous! We’re only just getting our garden in after this awful spring and work getting in the way. Love the duck babies too. 🙂

    • Just had a sec to go read up on your site, and yes, sounds like you are just starting to get the garden in, I really like how much earlier the greenhouse, and the hugelbeets and cold frames let me start in the season, plus it gives so much more length to the fall as well.

      Glad you liked the ducklings photo..

  3. Will says:

    Those ducklets are too cute. Thanks for the pic.

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