Fall update on Hugelbeets and how well they produced in year one.

This spring we made three hugelbeets, two on our own place, and one at a friends of ours, I figure its time to show the results, the issue with the results is that they just look like overrun mounds covered in all kinds of melon and sqaush plants, that also run wild out of the mounds, sometimes running as much as 15 plus feet out from the hugelbeets.

So lets have a peek in some of those mounds of green..

From the small hugelbeet one, here its some of its treasures..

Hugelbeet 2-The big one has many many of these coming, and I could not be more pleased..

Hugelbeet three has some different delights coming, giving lots of cucumbers and some of these as well..

So I know that a few folks has made hugelbeets after reading about our’s and I am hoping you will drop a note and let us know how it went at your place? I can see why these are so popluar in their home country of Germany.

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3 Responses to Fall update on Hugelbeets and how well they produced in year one.

  1. Not to sound silly, but what exactly is a hugelbeet? I see that it seems to be a mound of different types of squash.

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