Girl is a lady now..

Girl has become a proper young lady, and while to young in my mind, could be bred now, but we will wait another five or six months to make it so.. Still she is getting taller all the time, looks at how much higher then the four foot sheep fence she is, good thing we are putting up barbed wire all the way around as well, and that she is very content in her pasture with her sheep friends. She comes running when you call “comeboss”, and likes to beg for treats from the garden, she likes most things but cabbage, beets, carrots, apples and corn are huge favorites..

She is a odd mix of mature and crazy teenage moods, she understand’s her routines but she still likes to run and buck and kick just for the joy of doing so.. She’s a hoot but hopefully motherhood when the time comes will help settle her down, I have been blessed with how very much so far of a easy keeper she has been.


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2 Responses to Girl is a lady now..

  1. Will says:

    Must’a read my mind. I was just wondering how she was doing.

    • Hi Will
      I have been bad on her training with the garden in overflow mode, she only gets on her halter about once a week, and I have not had her full harness on for about a month..sigh, but once it slows down just a little, I will get her back into training, I know that its important at this age to work with her lots, I do barn routine training daily of course, and at some point this month, everyone is due for hoof trimming, and a selium booster shot for the sheep.

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