Salve Making-Balm of Gilead Follow Up..

As some of the blog members might remember I was on a cottonwood bud hunt this early winter to make a healing salve normally called Balm of Gilead, well it was time to make it into the salve for winter use on rough lips and chapped hands to be.

So I strained out the buds and poured the remaining oil into the pot, after measuring and weighing it out.. then I measured out, cut and weighted my raw bee’s wax..

Gentley heated them together to melted and blended together, and then poured into little tiny 4 oz glass jars, cooled and into a dark cupboard to store, I like a very stiff salve, it warms up and  come off well with body heat but otherwise is stiff, you can take a good amout off with a nail if you require more then a light coating on your finger or fingers to do the trick. If you want a softer salve, you just need to use less bee’s wax.

Update: I had a small cut on my thumb, it was quite sore and within a matter of an hour despite cleaning it, I have little red streaks run out of it and it was hot and red, started treating it with my homemade salve, and I am amazed, within six hours, and three tiny rubs of salve later, the red is gone, the streaks are gone, the hurt is down to a min and then only if you push on it, it looks like a small reddish line now, its not healed by any means but I am impressed!

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5 Responses to Salve Making-Balm of Gilead Follow Up..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hi FarmGal, Just wondering if that’s a special pot you’re using to melt the oil and wax? It looks like it might have a double wall/water-jacket or something? (Sure would be handy for gently heating delicate ingredients if it did.)
    Isn’t nature just naturally wonderful? Everything we need: right here in our backyard!! : )

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    P.S. I sure could use some of your Balm o’ Gilead right now. Got some Black (Honey) Locust thorn bits and scratches while pruning/cleaning up the other day. The thorn tip isn’t in my palm anymore, but it took a couple of days after that to clear up and start to heal. :((

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