Watermelon Molasses for baking-BIG OLD FAIL!

So in my kichen Gardeners companion, under watermelon, it says, to make an excellent natural sweetener from extra watermelons, cut offe the rinds and white part, make juice from the red flshedby crushing and pressing it, or by cooking and straining it (I crushed it with the same tools as making apple sauce post)

Then boil the juice in a open kettle until its is concentrated in a syrup. It will look like molasses and have a sweet somewhat strong flavor.. Its like making maple syrup in a way, lots of time and cooking required and then watch the last part carefully.. It did thick’n and darken alot.. 40 cups of watermelon juice got me 4 cups of watermelon molasses.

There is only one problem, it tastes AWEFUL!! I mean..blaaaaaaaa, gag, choke, spit and sputter.. I mean I know that a molasses is strong but its still yummy, maple syrup is so good that you could just drown things in it, and even the sugar beet sryup was tasty..this is just yuck!

I can grow watermelons and its going down in the farm book as a possable sugar backup, “Just in case” but I will be having bee’s for honey, making maple syrup and growing sugar beets way before I would consider doing this again..  /Hubby says I have to make something with it -Fine I can see his point but If that flavor is in the item, I am so not eating it.. lets hope the chickens like the taste..

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