Farm Puttering


A farmer friend said, you want some oats, I have to much for the bin, and so the extra are in the one ton bag and I said, I would be interested, I had gone off the farm and when I came back on a pallet was a ton of wheat.. we got it tarped and held our breath that it would stay dry for a day or two.. then we moved it by bucket ad filled up 5 plus 55 gallon drums in the little barn for proper storage an so we can give back the sack to the farmer..


The Rabbits are producing lots of poo for garden use and the piles are getting up there, I will have lots of work cleaning this out, the joy of rabbit is that its a cool poo that can be added directly in a light covering without first composting it..  the second reason I liked this photo is all the banged out circles from the frozen winter crocks..


The Roosters are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, Big Red looks fierce and after his bad frostbite two years back o his comb, he healed so well an has never had a issue since.. big combs and very cold winters don’t mix well.  The little Iceland rooster behind is sweet and soon I will move him an his hen to their own breeding pen for pure eggs.


The Sheep are making the best of the warmer but damp weather and are enjoying their outside time.. the damp is making their wool curl even more.. I adore this lamb,  its a mini-me version of its father..


I made a promise to show more of the photo I take, I love this one because of his sweetness at gate begging and that adorable wet beard on him.. but normally I would not share as its got fence and rope etc..  instead I am just going to own it,  the snow is so high that the fences are to low, the goats will just hope over, so they are in the big outdoor pen with hut behind the chain link and as they love to push on the gate, I have a dogs lead in place that winds though the top to give it extra strength.. it works and everyone is safe..


We had a broken open bale of straw and so it got moved to a tarp and the spring like weather for the past few days meant that the kittens- young farm cats were in fine form. Sofie is quite the hunting farm cat, she is a evening-bed kitten but each morning, she asks to go out and she will spend hours hunting the barns, buildings and so forth before coming to window and asking to come or running up to the door if it opens and come in, sometime with a present between her teeth..  but she is learning.. out.. out with it..


Her best kitty friend is Marble.. she is still the smallest of the kitten pride of 2016, but her colors are showing much more, she likes all the perks of being a indoor-outdoor farm cat but she does not give up the love or purrs for the people much, she is sweet enough around us but she is “the farm cat” so be it..  She had been held off to get a touch bigger but she will go for her spay within the next month and then Sophie after that.

I am so glad that all the boy kittens and the older bigger female kittens are fixed already, the single intact male tom that hanging around the farm is starting spring marking, but my altered boys are sweet and clean. One more kitty to live trap and get snipped..  I can’t stop the boys from other farmers stopping by on walk about but I can do something about them being intact.


The irony of the warmer spring-ish melt is that its clear I need to grab the big bucket and the scooper and spend some time doing horse poo pickup, because that is one that does need to be moved over and composted down.. the second thing it does is give me the urge to make some homemade paper..

I have shown you how to do it with cow and sheep, I think I should make Caleb and Bo paper this winter before it gets crazy busy..

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2 Responses to Farm Puttering

  1. YES! Warm weather means shoveling – um – manure! Same here. But don’t you love it when it is done!

    • For sure.. I wish we had a tractor or even small skid at times but its all hand done.. I love how the critters like to watch us do it.. like they are giving us scores.. lol.. I am so pleased to have the smallest jug and then the next size up pen all cleaned and ready for the lambs and kid.. this week (depending on if this snow storm hits or not) I will be working on the next size up, gotta to love the round robin of pens depending on needs and time of year 🙂

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