Bojangles – footwork in training..

Bojangles is very well broke but he has not had a lot of ground work done with him but he is o so willing to learn and figure out what I am asking for..


I am still sick but I wanted to get out and do something in the fresh air.. the laundry is flapping on the line, its icy out there and just at the 0 mark.. not really melting but slippery..


So we trudged our way out to a filled in tractor tire that I use in training the rest of the year and we did all kinds of foot work.. given the snow was up to our knee’s in spots, it was not easy going..  and then we did work on the tire itself..


We did front feet, rear feet, three feet and then four.. we did walk offs, back offs and keeping front or back feet on, while moving the other feet around the tire..


It was a very fun way to time with him.. and at the end, I had him free standing with no lead in use, while I walked around him in the stand with all four feet on the tire..

I am looking forward to working on his standing to be mounted and mounting blocks very soon..  We have flag work and so much more to do..

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2 Responses to Bojangles – footwork in training..

  1. Widdershins says:

    He looks rather chuffed with his performance. 😀

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