True Potato Seed


I had gone to bed very early last night, leaving a hot supper in the oven for my hubby and he said, there is a very thin padded package for you in the mail..  I said.. well, it’s either this or that.. but most likely seeds..

I was right.. my mixed True Potato Seed has arrived. I am quite excited about these because I have had great luck with some of my colored heritage potato’s producing seed balls but the truth is, I noted them but I didn’t collect them (I was always raised that you needed seed potato’s) so imagine my surprise when I started reading about people “breeding potato’s” and then I joined a group, then I ordered a breeding potato book..

What a new world that opened up in front of me on this area.. wow.. just wow..  so I ordered in my seed potato’s in 2015 and 2016 and I watched like a hawk.. and then I laughed and shook my head.. not a single seed ball to be seen among the hundreds of plants, I knew that I was pushing it because I growing kinds that were not as likely to be seed producers and that if they did,  it would be few, but I also know that few is fine as each seed ball will give you many seeds.

I have not given up on working towards getting my favorite kinds of potato’s to produce a seed ball or two but I have decided that I am not willing to do another grow out year in the hopes that I might get some to learn with..

So this year, I ordered in a nice colored mix of seeds (there are white, red, pink, purple and yellow in this mix, all wild breed, not hand breed) and I plan on starting approx. 50 seeds and seeing what that gets me in terms of plants, and then this fall, what those plants get me in terms of hold over wee spuds to go in the root cellar and into the ground in 2018 for the real test of what turned out and should be held and what will end up in the compost pile.

I will be planting the TPS plants as far away from the main potato planting area as possible, so that there should be limited to no crossover if the other plant decide to give me seed balls this year..

It’s a interesting project and will allow me to learn much more about the potato plant and working towards breeding a landrace potato for my zone and farm..2013-01-01 231 (600x450)

Have you ever grown True Seed Potato’s?  What kind of potato’s do you have that produce the most seed balls?

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6 Responses to True Potato Seed

  1. valbjerke says:

    I kind of grow a hodgepodge of whatever potatoes I can get my hands on, and for whatever reason, they produce seed balls like crazy. Of course every year I swear I’m going to collect and save the seed – but time runs out on me. 😊

    • Oh… do you think this year might be the year you save some.. someone “wink, wink” might love to add some of that hodgepodge (love that word) of genes .. Very cool.. have you ever noticed if certain colors produce more of them then others..??

      • valbjerke says:

        I’ll try to save some 😊
        Russian Blue would be my most prolific for seed balls, but I’ve had them all produce some. If I had anything to offer, I would say that the plants that produce the most brightly colored flowers – seem to reliably produce seeds. I have no growing ‘tricks’ – I simply drop the potatoes on the ground and pitch a couple forkfuls of used/wasted hay on top. I also have a patch of used up hay and no dirt at all that I plant In. I only water if the plants are looking desperate. I have no idea if I’m contributing to the seed ball production or if it’s my climate though. I’m in zone 3.

      • That is in keeping with the information I have been gathering that purple is the best for producing with pink fleshed or pink and white fleshed being the next and then extra color with white being the hardest, because the white ones have had it breed out of them longer.. I am the same.. Potato’s need to be touch, I am zone 5a.. so anything that grows in your zone will for sure.. grow in mine 🙂 I would truly be grateful if you would consider it.. I will keep a eye out in regards to the flowers.. and let you know if that seems to hold true here as well..

  2. nicky says:

    I`ve saved seed from my Russian Blue. I got the seedlings through the 1st year, but neglected them and dried em`out! Good luck with yours.

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