The “big” switch over~ Freezers

Tupperware has a amazing summer sale on for the freeze its  right now.. They have a set of 14 on for 99..

and this is the very reason I joined was to get the samples at 70 percent off (and I took every single sample that I could order)

This is the samples I got! O heck ya!

and then I ordered in the on sale sets with my own “consultant” price which brought the price down another 30 per unit.

It also meant that I “earned” a number of sets as awards as well..  Thank goodness for this choice. I am thrilled to say I have made the “BIG SWITCH” from single use plastics, be that freezer bags, be that single use vacoom pack plastic rolls or shrink wrap plastics

to.. re-usable plastics with a amazing history and warranty, I did a lot of reading, digging trying to see what choices there was on the market, I really looked at the silicone freezer bags but the stacking on them was not as good, they just do not have the history on them, some of the company’s or products were first or second generations and none of them had more then one year in warranty.

and they cost as much or even more per unit..  ouch.

Finally I went to with something that has a long history, a amazing warranty, this are considered “lifetime” if used properly, which trust me on this, if anything starts failing I will be posting on it and I will be ordering in new parts.

It was a huge amount of money to sink in but hubby and I decided that it was like jars.. we don’t look at jars as a one year cost, we look at it as a jar should last a min of 10 years, ideally 20 plus (it used to be you could say 30 years) but the new jars are not as heavy or thick as the older jars and I don’t care what anyone says, pressure canning vs hot water bath shorten’s the life span of the glass jars)

Plus as a bonus, I don’t have to replace the lids in each use! for the freezer ones..

We will continue to use waxed brown butcher paper for wrapping on meats but we will also use the freeze its as well. On my last round of butchering, we wrapped the legs but froze the tenders and breasts into the freeze its


I also got a number of the “door 6 cup units” those are mostly for the smaller veggies units of larger style veggies, the smallest ones are perfect for a side portion x2 for us and then the bigger squares hold 1 pound of ground meat or other choices.  While most of my freezers are chest, I do have one upright and I like that I can use these on the door itself, I also think if you had a split fridge/freezer.  these would be outstanding in that regard.


I also got 10 of the big ones.. even with my discount, these to me are spending but they work for holding bigger items but dang they can be heavy, they will hold to average whole chickens, or you can use them for home baking, they will hold two average bread loafs.

I am beyond happy to cross this off my big “goal” list for 2019..  and I believe I have made the right choice to give me the best bang for my buck an have a solid 30 years of use on these.. which puts us into our 70’s lol

Are you thinking about changing? Waiting to see what the market will do over the next few years when the government orders the single use plastics to stop.. how long do you think it will be before they ban single use freezer or sandwich bags? Do you think the larger bulk rolls of the vacoom pack will count or do you think they will let them be? What about single use shrink wraps for turkeys, chickens or ducks? do you think they will be allowed or that they will go to something else..

Let me tell you.. its a big! BIG order to even move our “fast” and easy single use plastic to reuse.. and yes I know that I bought plastic, I am not saying I didn’t.. I did.. I own it.. but I refuse to put that kind of money into a untried NEW and while I could have tried smaller amount for a couple years and let them work out the kinks.. I wanted to make a full break!

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5 Responses to The “big” switch over~ Freezers

  1. Silver says:

    My sister swears by her flour container from Tupperware, only one she can get a full bag of flour into, and because it’s Tupperware she’s been able to replace the lid twice.

  2. Good for you. Tupperware has an amazing reputation and seems to last forever. I have tried the non-plastic route in my freezer with little success. Butcher paper works for meat but every glass jar I have frozen breaks, so it it plastic for me.

    I too wonder how long it will be until single use plastic is banned. I think about this a lot at work where we wrap everything in plastic. Every loaf of bread is bagged in plastic to keep it fresh and every pastry is wrapped – after being placed on a Styrofoam tray! Ideally, we would keep everything behind glass and the customer would select what they wanted to eat that day and we could put it in a paper bag for them. Sounds good but we would have to hire at least 4 more employees to serve customers. That sounds even better but considering we didn’t even receive one application for the two positions we had open this summer, it is not going to happen.

    Unfortunately, we rely on the convenience provided by single use plastic. It’s cheaper than hiring more people and providing them with a decent wage. Fingers crossed that this will change. In the meantime I personally do what I can to limit my use of single use plastic.

    • Yes, I have tried glass, metal and silicone.. but I found issues with them all, even regular plastic does not work well, and while tin foil does work, its still single use and it has a much more limited shelf life. I don’t know what will come down the pipe but I think we are going to see some big shifts.. those Styrofoam tray will be come a wax hemp paper tray and the cover will be come a cornstarch or a x or y.. cling film that breaks down in X in the land fill.. I agree with you 100 percent.. I don’t think we will see the single use things change but I think we will see how its made change.. and that can and will be a positive thing as long as they are not taking food out of people’s mouth to do so..

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