Roasted Cauliflower with Radish slivers

This is a pretty dish to serve as a side on a summer day.

You will need

  • one head of fresh (ideally locally grown) Cauliflower
  •  One bunch of radish just the radish, clean up the greens and use for a different use
  • A good amount of the your favorite choice of oil, I recommend high quality olive oil
  • Seasoning salt, cracked black pepper, basil or dried nettle (your choice but not both)

Clean and slice your Cauliflower, tip and top your radish’s and slice in half, place them into a big bowl, drizzle your oil over them, toss once very gently, then add your spices and herb once they are damp and toss very gently again.

Into a pre-heated over at 350 or wrap in double layered tin foil for the BBQ and roast for 25 to 30 min.. open it up and golden brown it for the last 5 min to get touch of brown bits.

I like it as is.. however for DH and for guest, I add a TBSP of butter and when served up, I scoop some of the juice/butter together and drizzle fresh over the veggies.

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