A little Trip!

I had a busy couple days, I carefully stopping often and walk around made the trip to one of my dear friends..  I had not seen her since my birthday in oct of 2018..  and trust me that is WAY to long.

We enjoyed our quieter time then normal.. as I can not do my more normal active quading, fishing and hiking and rock hounding yet..  I tell you if you are sore in the back. wearing a dress for traveling is awesome.. no waist to speak off.. Its a empress style dress.. hikes up the girls and lets everything else be soft and flowing..   I packed some cool drinks and loaded up  my little red Cherry girl and off we zoomed.

Had a crazy driver that was a touch WTF but all was well that ends well.. Was tired, went to bed and slept like 11 hours..

The next day I was up early and dolled up a touch as we were heading off to the a near by city where a dear friend’s was doing a example show for Ballet that he has been training in.. it was a nice 45 min presenting that showed off things being learned in the summer camp. I took a ton of photos and video’s but sadly no permission to share them publicly, so I am going to snag one of the schools photos to make it allowed.. 🙂

Then my girlfriends and I headed off to have a great meal and a even better visit, you can order all you want of these little portions of all kinds of things.. some were amazing, others were ok and a few was.. nope.. just no..  first time ever that I did not like the smoked eel, I didn’t know it could be prepared in a way that I didn’t like it.. but the avacodo overwhelmed the eel flavour and the whole point of eating smoked eat is to taste it.

It was so nice to have a great visit but the heat that day was crazy and it really bothered me.. I was in pain, hot and so so tired, we headed home early and I just went to bed for a couple hours sleep.. was much better after I woke up and cooled off in a lake!

The next day was a putter day, helped my girlfriend ground work her horse’s, I talked and on a few things very VERY carefully showed her a few things I have learned over the years and it felt wonderful to chat horse lol..

I enjoyed seeing how things were going at their saw mill and all the projects they have going on and so forth..

Then we headed out to have a nice meal with Dear Hubby’s Uncle B..  He drove up from his trailer on the lake and we drove down and had lunch at the iron rooster.. nice place for sure.

We did a few other things in regards to soaps, salves, creams and chaga.. as well as carefully driving home..  the hounds and purrpots were so happy to see me.. my gardens are jungles and then some..

I was surprised but pleased that I had some Tupperware orders come in and I learned how to be able to order from away from home.. Felt weird doing “work” on holiday but it was a short terms sale and I had to get the order in by midnight to make it happen..

At first I thought I would need to walk hubby though it step by step over the phone.. (now that would have been fun right lol) but I figured out how to do it from where I was at..

I got a little side job that I will be writing a blog post once a week for someone else and I got a offer to put some of my photography into a little country gallery..  how exciting is that!



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3 Responses to A little Trip!

  1. Ah yes, the magic of the Empire waist. Sounds like you had a great week! I’m glad, you certainly deserve it.

  2. Widdershins says:

    A good time was had by all! … congrats on the gallery and guest posting! 😀 … will you be linking to them when it gets going?

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