A little Harvest Video for you :)

I am enjoying my morning harvests in the cooler weather.. I have pre-started replacement plants to put into the opening in this area of Kitchen Garden Plot 3.

I will be eating as much as we can fresh but there is enough that we can also put away lots into the freezer..  The beans have hit the second level on the teepee.. The potato’s are in bloom and the tomato’s are loaded!

Hope you are seeing lots of growth in your gardens as well.

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2 Responses to A little Harvest Video for you :)

  1. Nicola says:

    Looks fabulous. I was too mean with the water on my brocolli so only small heads, I have left them in to grow little side shoots for harvesting through the summer. I’ve just started pinning my strawberry runners into small pots to make new plants and have planted some more peas and carrots. I will take your suggestion to start some new plants as I do this week’s lettuce sowing!

    • I pulled them right out as I want that space for zuccinhi plants that are just about ready to start the push for blooms to be planted in there for the rest of the season. I have been growing them in pots and they are ready to be moved right in.

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