Master Rain Garden Paperwork..

I have filled out my last needed paperwork, sent in my “Before and After Photo’s” and I am so looking forward to my official paperwork..

Farmgal’s Rain Garden Designs

Having said that, I am jumping the gun! WHOOT! Want a rain garden for your yard? What someone to come walk you though the process? Work with you for the design and the help in choosing plants?  I am your girl!

Live far away.. maybe I can help direct you to someone local to your area or I can work wit you on design from a distance if you want to do so!

Want to be frugal on this?

I will do my very best to help you on that as well, we can talk about man hours,  self-digging, self building, even self starting seeds to grow smaller plants that can be great choices..  or the lowest cost way to order in “plugs”

Want a rain garden for all the good things it can do but know that its not possible to do it yourself..  I would be happy to work with your own choice but if you want it all handled by me locally..

I will be working with Amano Gardens. 

Here are just a few reason’s that I have chosen to work with them!

Why Amano Gardens?

With so many garden and lawn maintenance companies out there, what makes Amano Gardens special?

No Power Tools
No leaf blowers—we believe in rakes.
No power mowers—reel mowers are just as efficient!
No noise—we do the work without causing the disruption and noise of traditional crews.

Reduced Environmental Impact
No power tools means no pollution.
We combat weeds by pulling them out, not by using herbicides.
We build water conservation strategies into our garden designs.

​Knowledgeable Staff
​We know about plants, not just lawn mowers.
We design with plants that suit your property’s environment, not fight against it.
We focus on easy-to-care-for perennials and promote edible landscaping.

​Hands-on Service
​We pay attention to details.
Because we get up close and personal with your lawn and garden, we can see and solve potential issues before they become major problems

I have worked with them on the farm and can recommend them with first hand knowledge. Both in regards to needing more people at the same time and the fact that I have hurt my back this spring, I will not be helping on the installing!

Want to focus on Native plants in your rain garden! We can do that!

Want a butterfly haven in rain garden! We can do that!

Want it to be blend right in.. We can do that as well 🙂

I am also happy to be give group talks (community groups talk to me as I will often wave my speaking fee) and I will be offering “size limited” rain garden talks and tours here on the farm as well.



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  1. Widdershins says:

    Whoot!!! How wonderful! 😀

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