Batter Fried Green Tomato’s

I love Fried Green Tomato’s both in real life and the movie~

In this case I made them with a batter instead of a breading crust.. its a bit different but its good too.. Does not stay as crunchy for as long..

A side of Fried Green Tomato’s

  • 2 large green tomato’s , ends sliced off and then thick half a inch thick.. I like mine thick. try them a little thinner, try them a little touch thicker.. they should cook to be firm, not mushy! but softened.
  • Half a cup flour, one egg, salt and pepper lots of it.. start with at least half a tsp of each and 1 tsp of seasoning salt of your choice..  Add a touch of water start with 2 tbsp, beat until its a thick batter, adding a touch more water  one tsp at a time if needed to thin it down
  • Dip the slices plain flour, then into the batter and then into a pre-heated hot oil(your choice, lard, olive oil or ? but not butter as it will burn before they are done) frying until golden on the edges.. Do not fuss with them.. let them sit at med-high heat.. flip only when well browned on the bottom, repeat from the top and serve hot!
  • Maybe crack a bit of fresh salt over them! if you can’t do salt, crack some fresh pepper on them 🙂

Dig in and enjoy! I eat the whole plate as my lunch!

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  1. They look so yummy. I also loved that movie.

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