Sour Cherry Uses


In 2020 our Montmorency Cherry tree did very well indeed This tree does very well in our Zone 5 and it the type of cherry we all think of as the “cherry pie” tart filling that you would buy in the Bakery or in the canned pre-made cherry pie filling.

While we enjoyed the cherries fresh, we also put away 4 cups of them into one of my amazing freeze its (honestly, they cost a pretty penny but I adore that they have saved me from going to the freezer bags, worrying about glass in the freezer or the plastic wrap that you use in a food saver) I am coming into my 2nd season with these, I have used some of them at least half a dozen times so far everything washes up perfectly, no damage to anything and I find them like I do jars.. as I work my way though them, I wash and store them and then as the season’s and the gardens come in, I fill and go again..


The key on them is to make sure you use the smallest tub possable, look how amazing those cherry that have been frozen for close to 9 months look.. beautiful..

I made two little batches, Hubby Got a No sugar, cooked low and slow Sour Cherry Jam that was served with heavy cream.. I on the other hand, made mine vanilla and wood smoked dark maple syrup with a touch of salt.. I took out my last phillo dough that I had in the freezer and made home baked cherry turnovers..

Wow.. what a amazing treat.. the flavour on this filling was the perfect blend of sweet/tart full bodied cherry.. It could be used as a jam, used as a filling for turnovers, tarts, pies or the middle of a black forest cake or a version of it or for keto black cupcakes.

Do not forget that you can use it as a topping or filling for Cherry Cream Cheese Fluff

It can also be used in making a lovely sauce that can be used for meat as well.. Details given in my Duck Breasts with Cherry Sauce.

Here in ontario at the lcoal farm boys for a mear two to three week window each summer they sell a 3 kilo bucket of fresh grown sour cherry’s pitted in juice.. they are as close to growing your own as you can get that I know of.. I have at times seen that bucket frozen but its harder to come by that way..

In most places in Canada, we can not grow sweet eating cherry’s but we can grow sour pie cherries and there is many ways to enjoy them in the kitchen..

What is your favorite recipe that uses Sour Cherries? If you have a link put it in the comments please.. Look forward to hearing how you enjoy these sweet/sour treats.

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2 Responses to Sour Cherry Uses

  1. Danielle Rochon says:

    I love these cherries..they make the best jam..great in chocolate cake,scones, on Brie 🥰❤️

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