Grainy Mustard Horseradish Cream Sauce

Mustard is something I have always liked, I grow alot of mustard plants, both for the greens and for the seeds on the farm, I use mustard to help “clean” the soil as it will push out wire worms the year before planting potatos or can be used as edge trap crop in many ways.

I have always liked a good hot mustard (keen’s) is the favorite for certain dishes and a good frenches mustard on hamburger or hotdog goes a long way to a childhood taste profile

However in the past year all kinds of mustards have come in front and center in many ways due to the facf that they can be used in dishes for hubby being low carb, low or in some cases, no sugar added.

This blend is becoming a household favorite, it can be served hot as a “mustard drizzled version of gravy” or it can be thinned down a bit more and used as a salad dressing.

Grainy Horseradish Mustard Cream Sauce.

Half a cup of Yellow, Black, or Brown Mustard Seeds or a blend of them Ground into a course paste (or use a premade grainy mustard).. it takes me around a cup of seeds to get my half cup or right aroudn there of ground paste, add a touch of vinager to the blend if you want to do so.

2 tbsp of heavy cream (or half and half would work, or if you do not do milk products, you can use coconut cream, its different but it does work)

1 TBSP of freshly finely grated horseradish root or 3/4th to a full tsp of prepared horseradish in a jar..

A pinch of salt 🙂 to your taste.. not much is needed..

Ok, so if making a salad dressing, you can add the prepared mustard paste to your bowl, your cream and your horseradish.. if you want you could mix a little mayo in but please try with just the cream first.. thin it down with a tiny bit of good vinager if needed..

The dressing goes very well with different salads but for those that forage, its a extra delight for those more “bitter” edged wild greens.. Delightful!

Now on to hot, again premix everything in your bowl and then after you have taken your steaks, burgers or in the case of above, my duck breasts out of the pan, in the time the meat needs to rest before slicing or serving, into the pan goes that sauce.. you are just warming it up and adding a bit of those pan drippings into the flavour profile..

I do hope you will give it a try, so worth the effort if made from scratch but also just as good if you put the musard, horseradish and cream together from prepared jars..

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3 Responses to Grainy Mustard Horseradish Cream Sauce

  1. Silver says:

    Yes mustard is a firm favourite in our household as well though it can’t be too hot, only a mild one we use XD

    • In my family grandpa D loved his HOT keens mustard and you would as a child put the tinyest bit on your sandwich.. hot hot.. but I agree, most of the time, I am right there with you, a bit of heat is good, but not hot hot.. I like the warmth the horseradish gives to it.. that’s a very different kind of hot.. have a wonderful sunday!

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