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Weigh in 2/9/1212

Well, its been a good week overall, I am happy with the food choices I have made, I am not quite as happy with the fact that twice I had went back for a second bowl of soup, and twice … Continue reading

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Weigh in 1/26/2012

Well, its been a crappy week in terms of workouts, I just have not wanted to spend any extra time out on the skating rink that we are calling the farm then required this week, extra grip boots and even … Continue reading

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Weigh in 1/12/2012-Little things will add up..

Its been almost a month of no real weekly weighin and updates, its almost impossable to keep up with the blog when I am out West, everyone keeps me running and while blog posts run though my head, trying to … Continue reading

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So yesterday I went to get a little extra professional help in regards to looking into a couple different things healthwise in regards to our continued journey towards hopefully someday having a little one. What I learned was interesting and … Continue reading

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Weigh in 15/12/11

Well this weekly posting of weight and goals is going to do a little expanding, as I am going to be doing a fair amount of things in regards to weight/workouts/eating in regards to working towards the goal of not … Continue reading

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Weigh in 8/12/11

Weigh in day already, huh.. Well I got on the scale expecting anything, good, bad or ugly.. and went Ok.. So I did nothing this week, how fitting on a week that I have needed a kicked challange LOL.. I … Continue reading

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Weigh in 1/12/11

 How has a week come and gone, its seems like time this week flew by and suddenly its my weigh in day, I am down 1.2 pds this week for a total of 9.3 pds of my 50 pd goal. … Continue reading

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Weight Goals- Nov 10/11

Wow, a whole week has come and gone, and I dreaded getting on the scale, I feel all ahh and bloated this morning (and I am pretty sure I know why), sure enough I got on the scale and was … Continue reading

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Waste Food.. What’s your average percent?

As I sit here sniffing with a mug of hot herbal tea from local raw honey along with a bowlful of dried apple slices, I know just how lucky I am, Not just eating food that will provide enough calories … Continue reading

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Building a pantry and shopping loss leaders

This was my last shopping trip in town and as I already have a pantry built up, I am able to pretty much able to shop loss leaders and top up things that need doing so only when things are on sale.. … Continue reading

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