Weight Goals- Nov 10/11

Wow, a whole week has come and gone, and I dreaded getting on the scale, I feel all ahh and bloated this morning (and I am pretty sure I know why), sure enough I got on the scale and was up .6 pds over my last weigh in..  so that puts me at 2.6 pd loss of my goal of 50 pds..

Now I would like to tell you that I feel really bad about this an I do a little but not really, I had good week and I think it will be reflected at some point on the weigh in, I did well on my food choices overall,  but where I really rocked it was on my workouts.

I like my wii, and my workout programs but I found the wii workout camera on sale and snapped it up, so now I get to see myself on the tv while I work out, this means that you can see just how high that arm is, just how fast you are in fact moving, and it means that the computer does so as well, and you get scored by what you do.. I can honestly say that I can see why its a great idea to be able to see yourself do the excerises with the model showing you how to do it and then correcting you if you need help and telling when you do it right, thankfully my Dh does not mind if I turn the air blue snarling back at the TV at times, I like to trash talk my way though my workouts LOL

I faithfully did five workouts on the wii, three walks long walks in the woods with some hounds, and my daily hand weights 3 times this past week and 4 stretch band upper body workouts. now do you see why I am ehhh about what the scale has to say..

When you KNOW you have worked out at that level, and you know that you have eaten well, you feel great!  Ok, sometimes I have been sore and tired but that’s what stretches and going to bed early is for..

Goals for the coming week.

  • 5 wii workouts
  • 3 walks
  • Tummy crunches daily till you feel the burn!
  • Daily fall cleaning chores on the farm for a extra cleaning workout.
  • Track my water drinking more and make sure I get my full daily amount
  • Add in daily dose of apple cider vinager each day to help flush my system

Now lets see how I did on my goals from last week..

Eat breakfast within the first hour I am up.-yup, even if its just a apple
No seconds on anything-yes other then salad
Only three desserts for the week-No desserts
Eat a little more protein and a little less carbs on the dinner meals.- 5 out of 7 meals
One extra cleaning project per day for extra workout-yes
One small upper weight workout per day-yes- see report above on details.

Not bad, Not bad at all.. Now I want to see both a better weight loss next week on the scale but for me at least, I want to keep the ball rolling on my workouts, and time spent out walking with the hounds. 

So ladies how was your week? Did you get out and enjoy some times outside? Did you get any formal workouts done this week? Do you spring and fall clean?

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4 Responses to Weight Goals- Nov 10/11

  1. Just a little friendly FYI: scales lie! LOL! Seriously, muscle weighs more than fat; so since you are building muscle you can’t go by the number on the scale alone; gotta look at the way your clothes fit or better yet, your measurements for an accurate picture of your progress. Another tip: drink extra water–it flushes the fat you are losing out! Keep up the great work; you’ll get there!

    • Hi RavenMistfarm,

      Love your blog! I hear you on the water, I filled my jug and will pour my glasses out of it, so that I know if I drink the jug, I’ve got what I want, The cloths are fitting very well this past week, I honestly feel really good, its amazing to me but the more you work out, the more pep you have.. it seems like it should be the other way around.. workout, get tired, but at least for me, its workout regular and get more energy overall.

      I had done my measurements last year, but had not done them yet for this round of loss, I will do so later today and perhaps put up if I have lost any once a month.

  2. Andrea says:

    Don’t feel bad about an occasional gain. Meh, it happens. I’m right there with you this week….I feel like I have an inner tube strapped around my midsection. Good luck this week!

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