Weigh in 15/12/11

Well this weekly posting of weight and goals is going to do a little expanding, as I am going to be doing a fair amount of things in regards to weight/workouts/eating in regards to working towards the goal of not only feeling healthier for myself but also in regards to working towards becoming and staying expecting, I will be adding in a bit more detail on that front on my weekly updates.

So in regards to health goals for the past week, I had my regular Chiropractic treatment, I had regular care as a child/teen and into my twenties, then we moved north and it became more of a when I went home, get checked.. then I didn’t find anyone I liked in my local area for awhile, but that changed last year, I found a wonderful lady who I have been going to for well over a year now, and it has made a good difference for me.

The second thing this week to report on general care is that Dh had his teeth cleaned, again in the past two years, we stepped up care on them, truth is we had been VERY lack in this area, (as in had not seen a one in years) surprisingly for me at least, I went in to get a broken tooth fixed and a cleaning and that was all I needed, poor Dh on the other hand, needed five fillings, a tooth removed and he is on a faster teeth cleaning routine of every four months for a bit till they get his mouth in better shape..  On the other hand, I’m in and out in a heart beat for my cleanings. Of course I do regular oil pulling which they think is crazy but they also comment all the time on how good my teeth are..

So are you keeping up on your regular health needs? Do you believe and get chiropractor care?

So got on the scale fully expecting a “gain” as its that time of the month that I hold alot water/swelling and the scale did not disappoint, according to the scale, I gained three pds over the week.. Bla, like heck I did.. Not.. wait for the update on next week weigh in.. so 6.3 pds out of my 50 pd goal.

Goals for this past week

  • Green Berry drink Daily-6 out of 7 yes
  • Apple Cider Vinager Daily-yes
  • Journal Daily on what I am eating-yes
  • Add in more roasted winter veggies-Make a huge pot and have it ready in the fridge as a side dish.- No, I ended up doing fresh veggies daily..
  • Make and keep a big pot of veggie/tomato/barley broth based soup available when I want something hot and filling.- Ended up doing a huge batch of lamb/veggie.
  • Have a good feed of protein, I have been cutting back on my meat protein portions and I am honestly craving meat, so I am going to allow myself a little more at least three times this week.- Still craving extra protein, not sure why but when I look at the meats, I want red meat, fish, and chicken, Wow, am I craving chicken!

This coming weeks goals

  • Journal my meals-
  • Drink my jug of water-
  • Green/Berry blended drinks-
  • Apple cider Vinager, Cinnamon, and Turmic Daily use-
  • Kettle Bell daily till puffing-
  • Auqa fitness at least once-

So how was your week? Are you feeling the stress of the holidays? Are you as excited as I am that today is the winter solstice, which means that after today, the daylight is going to start getting longer again each day!!

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