Weigh in 1/26/2012

Well, its been a crappy week in terms of workouts, I just have not wanted to spend any extra time out on the skating rink that we are calling the farm then required this week, extra grip boots and even then I need to wear my spikes a couple of times, I have been getting a workout breaking ice off of steps, paths and decks, that should count for something. I need to step it up this week and try and get a little more outdoor time..

It was a odd week to be honest, I had the biggest cravings for my yogurt, I wanted it plain, in foods, and mixed with nuts and canned fruit, I have not baked a thing this week, its been all about fruit/nuts/seeds.. Yesterday is a great example, Breakfast, I had yugurt with chopped raw almonds with canned peaches chopped up, lunch was pot of pea’s butter and a touch of honey/ginger, and supper was a huge plate of cabbage salad with pear, apple, cranberry, and raw pumpkin seeds along with a bit of homemade mayo, salt,pepper, dill, basil and turmic, along with a little ham.. Now do you see the problem with yesterday’s meals! Because while yogurt, peas and cabbage salad all sound good, and to be fair the calorie count was within my desired range..

Did you just go.. Wow.. High fat content! Yup, so yup, full fat sheep yogurt, sugar in my canned fruit, all the dried fruits and then add in the nuts/seeds and mayo and YIKES. Why is my body craving fat, I am not kidding on this either, I have the urge to make pie, and its not the craving for fruit that is making it float my boat, its the idea of pastry, fat loaded pastry.. 

The weird thing about this, is that I went over my journel and I am not lacking in fat in the diet, I have been really! careful about being balanced, and I am not hungry, I am being very good about not snacking, no real surprise there, with that amount of healthy natural fats in the meals I am eating, I walk away full and stay feeling happy for hours.. 

I have hit the books trying to figure out what I would be missing or needing in regards to this crazy craving in regards to fats and in truth I am a bit stumped.. So thoughts would be very welcome??

I also have been requiring extra sleep, I even took a rest day, something that has really help my mood and my energy but still it was a odd one, I was not sick, No cold, flu or even that time of the month etc.. just felt really tired and wanted to sleep, and sleep I did..

Regardless when I got on the scale this morning, I was down 3 pds (remember I said I was keeping the calories under control) so a total of 18.5 out of my 50 pd goal and a total of 13.2 on the family spring weight loss challange, which I am currently in 3rd or possabily 4th place in depending on the weigh in this week..sigh..

Goals for this past week.

  • Journey food, and Water intake-At least 8 cups of water a day-Yes Daily..
    Workouts at least 3 to 4 times per week, my choice on what kind, but expect most of them to be wii ones, but mix it up on the type, plus at least two strength workouts with DH this week-Not a hope, only worked out twice plus farm and house chores.

Goals for this coming week..

  • Journey and take my calories plus make sure I get my water drank!
  • One longer outdoor walk, one barn stall workout, one weight workout with hubby
  • Going to spend at least 10 min on stretches and balance work daily
  • Do at least two one hour extra housework workouts-Wash Walls, or cupboards or ?
  • If possable eat more greens this week, I have a number of pots coming, break down and just harvest some as micro-greens and plant more pots.
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2 Responses to Weigh in 1/26/2012

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hi FarmGal, You asked about (fat) cravings, so I went digging and found this: http://www.naturopathyworks.com/pages/cravings.php
    Can’t wait to put this to good use myself (thanks for asking! : )

    • farmgal says:

      Thanks Deb

      The funny thing is that I was talking to mom on the phone and we were going over the food, and we had decided that the odds were good that what I wanted was Calcium and so when I checked your link and guess what it says.. Calcium.. Well, I will try and start getting in more dark leafy greens, and a little less fatty nuts/seeds or at least a nice balance between the two.

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