Weigh in 2/9/1212

Well, its been a good week overall, I am happy with the food choices I have made, I am not quite as happy with the fact that twice I had went back for a second bowl of soup, and twice I went back for a second helping of the main meals.. that is four times to many!

Big goal for the coming week! -No seconds at the main meals..

I am at that time of the month where there is little no point in weigh-in because its not going to be a real weight, so raither then get on, get grumpy, I am skipping this week and will do my weigh in next week..

So moving away from a formal  weight, lets move over to general health and overall workouts, I have been feeling better this past week other then the first day of “friend” which say me go down to the point of headache that just would not quit, so after suffering for hours, I gave in and took painkillers which workd very well.

I have been doing a bit more outside chores each day, getting out to get the sunshine to boost my mood and also been doing a bit more of the hauling, starting to get my body back into spring shape, I did crunches this week, as well as a good weight upper body workout.

On the personal care front, I got my hair cut, I left a little length on top to that I can give it a little curl/height if I am going out, but got the back and sides cut nice and short and shaped, It is a low spend month but it was either get a hair cut or Hubby was going to come home to a shaved head again, when I get to the point that the hair bugs me, I have for the past couple years, just buzzed, and I kind of wanted to avoid that, because while I don’t mind it, hubby perfer me to have a little hair LOL

So things for the coming week..

  • No seconds at main meals or snacks for that matter
  • Put the sunflower seeds away!
  • Drink my water daily
  • Continue to haul more water during the day, continue to do more barn work, finish building a new manure hot box for early spring planting.


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6 Responses to Weigh in 2/9/1212

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Funnily enough, this makes it the third time today that this topic has come up in conversation, so for some reason it’s very important to pass the information along.
    Food cravings are how the body innately knows what it needs. Here’s a link to a list of cravings, what they mean and alternate ways to get what’s missing from your diet.
    Remember that our bodies have developed over time to know what’s best for us, if we only know how to listen.

    • Hi Deb
      I like that link, its good information to have, I would like to say that I was craving that food but the truth was I was either a) tired or b)thought it just tasted really good, I certaily did not need those extra portions to be feeding my body.

      My body may have been developed over time to know what is best for me, but my life has taught me to overeat in portions, I have a hard time eating slow enough to let my body say.. Stop, you are full.. Its a challange to say the least..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Y’know, you saying that makes me wonder something. You work like crazy: both physically and with portion control and yet are still fighting with your metabolism.
        My husband went on a gluten free thing a few months ago and dropped weight without even trying to increase his calorie burn off. Is it possible that this might also work for you too? Gluten has a lot of side effects for those with a tolerance problem and has been blamed for celiac disease, MS, eczema and psoriasis, candida overgrowth (which is a whole other story) and just a huge list of things…
        Info on this abounds, with (US) population sensitivity estimates ranging from 8-15%. Here’s a link:
        This may just be the answer to your questions FG.
        Fingers crossed, xo D.

  2. I need to get a haircut, too…but I’m waiting a little while longer. I tend to go three months between haircuts, because it helps save on the cost!! That, and I almost never use a hair dryer. That helps, too. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    • It does help save on costs, thankfully i have a good place locally that does a nice job for around 20 dollars, I try and go about 3 to 4 months between cuts, I wish DH would learn to trim my hair, I do his but he won’t even try and do a trim on me.. its just a straight No, Just get it done at the shop..

  3. calliek says:

    I stepped on a scale yesterday to find I’ve lost 10 lbs! And the only thing that I can attribute it to is being slightly more active ( since I actually have to go to work 3 days a week now), and eating lunch! I am one of those who doesn’t eat breakfast and over the years I got in the habit of barely eating anything in the day and then having a large evening meal. My caloric intake was very small and yet I was gaining weight steadily. Now that I have lunch provided at work ( and it’s a substantial lunch, often much larger than I would eat at dinner but lots of veggies) I’m eating double what I would normally consume and I’m losing weight! Guess there’s something to that whole kick starting your metabolism theory after all!

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