Breaded Lamb Liver Recipe

Ah liver, folks seem to either love it or hate it, rarely is there a middle ground on the taste and texture of this organ meat. A typical lamb’s liver  can be cut into thin cooking slices, I tend to get about four good size portions, plus scraps that can be used to make pate an or go the purrpots or hounds.

Take your liver slices and I like to dip them in yogurt and then into spiced flour and into a med-hot pan with lots of hot fat, cook till you can see brown on edges, and ideally if sliced correctly in size, till you just see a touch of pink coming on the top, flip once and brown the other side, then into a tented foil to have a little rest, then add in your onions, mushrooms and garlic to the pan, it will cook up quickly, then a little sprinkle of the spiced flour coating, to make a gravy, potato water (don’t forget to follow all the rules making flour gravy) and cook till thicken’d. This mix works for both on top of the liver and on the mashed.

Spring Lamb Liver compared to the beef liver you get in the store is very mild in flavour and quite tender, if you like beef liver, then lamb liver will knock your socks off!


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3 Responses to Breaded Lamb Liver Recipe

  1. Lake Lili says:

    And a chorous of yums went round the table… we eat a lot of liver (beef, chicken) but I am going to have to look for Spring Lamb Liver. I’ve never seen it before. Perhaps our local farmers are too smart to let that one get to market.

    • Hi Lake Lili

      I am a fan of a really good liver, Hubby is not, so it is another one of those meals that has been come more of a lunch menu item then a supper item, but I do sneak in liver in tiny amount in dish now and again as its so healthy for you.

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