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My love of gardening starts with my grandparents

Big Brother asked me to track down and find some older photos for him out of my albums and I found some fun ones while on the hunt.. 🙂 So first.. my love of gardens comes from my youth and it … Continue reading

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Its International Women’s Day

To all my fellow women, cheers! Its International women’s day, may you be blessed to have been raised with strong women, maybe you live your life as a strong women, may you be blessed to have a sister-friends, and may … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

Today is a very special day to me.. it my husband’s birthday! One year has come and gone since his last..  We have had our world stay pretty steady in a many ways, us, the farm and him working at … Continue reading

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In Memory of Maeve

As crazy as it seems to me, my daughter would be turning 17 today.. 17 years old, and my son Nat would have been 11, the years are flying by. Maeve would be driving? She would be starting to be more interested … Continue reading

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The Monument by DH -Least we forget-PG Rating

11 November 1908: North of Manaus, Amazonas del Sur“Passing through?”, the homesteader asked, his rifle resting in his arms.”Yes”, the traveller replied, his rifle dangling off his right shoulder on a strap. “I was told there was a veteran building … Continue reading

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What a day.. so many good things.. an a hiccup..

Well, we had a bit of trouble with the van, power just died out, including once while driving scary, first fix done, another drive and more repairs tomorrow, it happens, fix the least costly first and work your way up. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Dear Hubby

You are a man of many talents.. and I am grateful that you are my husband. Hard Worker, writer, farmer and my best friend in so many ways..  

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Happy Valentines Day

Wishing you all the best today, be it with two legged or four legged, I truly believe that we all have someone to who we are special.. let the love shine today.. presents are not required but are sweet if … Continue reading

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Top to Bottom Challange

So for the next ten weeks I am going to add in a heavy duty house cleaning, I missed the fall cleaning, and I have both wow garden plans and wait for it.. Road Trip! Coming my way My mom … Continue reading

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In Memory of Maeve

15 years have slipped by since our daughter was born, always remembered, never forgotten, those far to short five days are always in my heart!

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