Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

Today is a very special day to me.. it my husband’s birthday! One year has come and gone since his last..  We have had our world stay pretty steady in a many ways, us, the farm and him working at same building, awesome friends

However in many ways, its been a year of change.. we lost a number of our beloved hounds to old age, to cancer and we lost our older purrpots, including our oldest 19 year plus love me, love my cat that came with me into our relationship all those years ago.

New bosses, New Work Challenges, New Work Travel Challenges (with me holding the farm down on my own more) New Work for myself, as I did a number of speaking and hands on presenting last year and am already booked for a number this year.

We had a number of challenges due to aging parents, Hubby flew not once but twice to Alberta to help his mom in downsizing her house and moving into her new retirement home and after she had her last surgery (double bypass) and we are working slowly but surely towards becoming a multi-gen household with my mom moving to the farm, with all the blessing and challenges that will come from it.  One of Dear Hubbies aunties passed away and he took the time off to head north to see family and attend her wake.

We made some amazing memories over the past year and here is making many more in the coming year!







Spring is coming my dear.. new life, new challenges, new memories to be made!




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1 Response to Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

  1. Widdershins says:

    Happy Birth Day! 😀

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