My love of gardening starts with my grandparents

Big Brother asked me to track down and find some older photos for him out of my albums and I found some fun ones while on the hunt.. 🙂

So first.. my love of gardens comes from my youth and it was filled with time in the gardens from both my grandparents and my parents. Here are just a few of my grandfathers gardens once they had moved to town.

raspberry rows behind him, o the hours spent picking them is such a memory, those big round bowls that needed to be filled, the fact that us kids went first and we thought we picked well and clean and grandpa could come behind and still fill his bowl with our misses. Then corn, tomato’s, beets, and cabbage.. what I love the most is that its so packed, I never remember seeing soil between the rows and you would move stuff like a wave as you placed your feet so careful if you were picking.That bare space would have been replanted into something to grow next and grandma did love her flowers at the front. Such great memories tied to these photos.

Speaking of learning to love things when you are young..  As this was taken in 1978, that makes me five coming six and that is me riding June my mom’s heart horse, while Big Brother is on our shared pony Turp, he was the best kids horse. I don’t remember having a saddle much, but then again, I don’t remember having bridles much lol.. Pleasure riding was done bare back from childhood until my 20’s.

Once I started longer trail ride’s and or working ridings or working barrels etc, the saddle came out but there was no saddle that would fit the work horse’s and so I rode them bareback (we had no draft saddle that I remember) My mom teased me about the fact even when I was little, I was still riding the biggest horse, which is true, as there are photos of me from age 5 and up riding the riding horses and the draft team..

I think its because I liked the steady ride, where as Big Brother loved the scooting around on the pony.. he used to be able to hang off him in crazy ways at a full gallop.. I was a steady walk girl even back then, and still am.. if you say.. want to race, I go.. eh..

If you say, want to trail ride in bush for a couple hours, I am like O ya!

and on the flip side 🙂 I had a laugh when I found my “glamour” shots..  What color is your favorite?



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2 Responses to My love of gardening starts with my grandparents

  1. J > You grandpa had green fingers, and an expectation of growing food to eat, because where else was it going to come from! BTW, how on earth did little you get up on that big horse? Did you have help, or would the horse stand still be a fence and let you climb up that way?

    • They certain did with 9 children an 2 adopted for a total of 11 with hired hands at times.. and 20 grandchildren

      At that time, all our fences were barb wire, so got a helping hand at that time, once they built the solid corral fence, I could climb up and on myself.

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