Powering Your Doomstead On Apocalyptic Guinea Pigs.

Very interesting overview of a eco-farm, raising little pigs, permaculture and creating their own bio-energy.. Worth the read. Tons of photos and a great personal overview.

Ps, don’t let the title throw you off on this one..

Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre

I am Proud to announce my first ever guest post. Some of you have heard of her before. Thats right. I bring you MrsC5. She is why I am here in South America. Getting through a Nova Scotia winter without her would be intolerable. Professor of Sociology, Activist, Organic Farmer, Peak Oil Prepper, Poop Composter and all round tolerater of me. I present….

Bioagricultura Casa Blanca Guinea pigs 5 sm

by MrsC5

Disclaimer – I hope my comments are accurate.  My apologies if I there are inaccuracies in my description and understanding of the farm.

We recently had the opportunity to visit an organic farm called Casa Blanca in the area/municipality known as Pachacamac, south of the city. The scenery reminded me of being in Argentina with its industry, dusty dry conditions, roads with minimal paving.

Casa Blanca is not simply an organic farm.  It is also an experiment in ecological agriculture in terms…

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