Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake


Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake Recipe

2 cups flour
1 teaspoons baking soda
1 cups sugar
1/4 cup, generously rounded, cocoa
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup full-fat mayonnaise
1 an 3/4th cup warm water
1 teaspoons vanilla

Stir together the dry ingredient, make sure to put your cocoa though a sieve if you have it, so that you can get all clumps out. Then take your mayo and your warm water and blend together till smooth, add your vanilla. Then blend in the wet to the dry and beat well, it should be a smooth and starting to puff batter.

If you try it raw, it will have a soft chocolate taste with a lovely tang to it. This is a light an fluffy cake when served.

like with all hot water cakes, you add the wet to the dry and must beat it right after, no pausing, so do not add till you have the time to give to mixing it right away 🙂

Pour the batter into a greased baking pan. Bake the cake at 350 degrees knife comes out clean. You can also pour it into two cake pans.

To serve it.. if you make it cake pans, I recommend a red jam layer, strawberry or raspberry jam in the middle with a butter cream icing on top..

If you make it a sheet cake, it can be served with just a light dusting of icing sugar, or it can have a peanut butter icing made for it..


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13 Responses to Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

  1. Mavis hickford says:

    This is a lovely cake. You can also make a mayo spice cake.

  2. judy says:

    I know what I’ll make for a Valetine treat for hubby! Thanks!

    Mavis, any chance of sharing the mayo spice cake recipe?

  3. dreamfarming says:

    I have some lingon berry jam. Do you think that would be good? I remember eating mayo chocolate cake when I was a kid. Judy, you are right sounds good for Valentine’s day

  4. judy says:

    Would love to try both recipes! Thanks!
    What are lingon berries & what’s the taste? Anything with chocolate & berries is ok with us!!!!
    I think I’ll fancy the cake up with large shaved chocolate curls!!

    How do I find your book please?

    • hi judy,

      I will get the other one from mom, lingon are a tart red berry, a bit like a cranberry but with a different under flavor tone but gives idea at least. the chocolate curls are always so yummy indeed. the book we are talking about is my moms hand written out family cookbook, I am working on a cookbook but its not out and ready yet..

    • Frances says:

      In Newfoundland, Lingon berries are known as Partridge berries. They grow in Scandinavia as well, didn’t know they grew in US.

  5. judy says:

    What a TREASURE do have family loved recipes!!!!!!!!! Can’t think of a better gift!!!!!
    I’d be thrilled to shre your recipe! Thanks!
    I have a OLD recipe book (has a lot of stains but I love that!) started when we got married, 38 yrs ago, that has soooo much info about anything from weather, weddings, kids growing up, crops, gardens, livestock & of course the DO AGAIN recipes!

  6. judy says:

    I will be looking forward to your book!!!!!! Please let us all know when the exciting day comes!

  7. Mary Jean says:

    Oh my LAND! I remember making this cake to impress a beau back in the 60’s Thank you for posting it . I will be making this again! ;-))

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