No Buy Feb- 5 year anniversary

Well, its a good thing I have been doing this for a while.. it makes getting ready for it fairly easy at this point and yet it also means I know how much this will hurt as well..

Yup, I am planning yet another No Buy Feb.. This will be my 5th year doing this..

The goal..

Become more aware then ever of what we are spending our money on..

Personal goal 2016- Put the saved money towards two writers cons, one for hubby and one or myself in spring 2016

As always I will do one week updates on where it was a struggle, where it worked and detail what if any my cheats are..

So the regular two odd man outs  are in place..

Critters– Anything related to the critters is off limit, be it food, or vet care or bedding etc.. however, nothing extra above and beyond.

Example : if I want doggy treat, while it is a critter, its a treat, and therefor must be hand made for them..

1) my 20 dollar, fruit and veggie box

Its already paid and I will be spending 20 for next months box, this only can be ordered and got once a month.. and in the winter, I count of this box to provide a nice mix of fresh things for the house and kitchen

This one is tricky.. I am not sure what I want to do with it.. I might preserve it all this year an not use it.. update on that to follow

2) One movie out, I have a gift card.. ? is using a gift card, cheating.. it is buying but not with your own funds.. thinking, thinking??

The one extra cost item in regards to garden, farm and critters this month is the Eco Day event that is happening this month, I am already booked to attend, so I am not paying this month but I will be attending, however I will not cheat, if its not provided at the event, I will bring everything else with me in my bag.. NO buying 🙂

Now on the rest.. No buy Feb, is just that.. NO buying! No shopping, no eating out, no coffee while you do your this or that.. no, oh, that is on sale etc. No E books other then free ones, whimper.. No ordering movies that come out.. double whimper!

When I did this the first year on the blog dozens of other bloggers did as well, but as often happens, it fell to the side as its not easy to do.. and once they had done it.. no one really wanted to do it again.. but I will ask, anyone want to join me in a no buy feb month? if so I will be happy to link your posts and promote on the blog, facebook an so forth.

Read all about last year



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12 Responses to No Buy Feb- 5 year anniversary

  1. What a fantastic idea. I am going to make a plan of our own version of “No Buy February” and propose it to my husband. Focus on what we “really need”. May be a bit tough as we both have our birthdays in February, but I think we can be creative.
    And no. The gift card doesn’t count as buying, so enjoy your movie!

    • Hello Margaret

      Thanks, its been a very worth while thing to do once a year, we follow up with a pantry-farm challenge in march each year, and by combining them back to back it makes it harder for me, that means I learn more.. I have been able to close a lot of missing parts by doing this, and its always good thing to save some money in winter, be it to help if folks need to pay off Christmas bills, a higher then normal power or heating bill or extra funds for your seeds for your garden, how its used afterwards is up to everyone but I find if it gets something it makes it feel even better.

      birthdays can be tricky, but the ways the rules were written five years ago, if you owned up to something at the beginning it was a loop out.. like me with my critter needs will be meet.. and my eco days, last year, I took a horse first aid course as well.. I can not control when things for my continuing education course will come up and most time they are offered only once per year.. so they are written in.

      And thanks for your vote that the card is not buying 🙂

  2. Monie says:

    Feb 5 is/was my mom’s birthday ♥ She hated spending money. I too shall not spend a dime on that day 🙂

  3. I love this challenge… and actually did this with you a few years ago even though I don’t think I commented on your blog back then, but never the less you inspired me to give it a whirl for my family. Not going to lie…It was hard and it definitely showed my shortcomings in food storage at the time. Although I haven’t decided to do it again….I learned where I needed to cut back on spending and really put a budget in place and we are not just living pay check to paycheck anymore. I am now seriously thinking of implementing a zero spending week, once a month that would end up totaling 12 weeks of no spending by the end of the year.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      What a inspired post for me to read today, thank you so much for sharing this with me.. I love the fact that you did this a few years ago and it is certainly not easy and it does indeed show the shortcomings. Each time I have done it, I have found some and I do my best to fix it but there is always something.

      Very nice idea on the zero spending week, are you going to consider putting some or all of that money away for a bigger project or item.. over 12 weeks it would add up.. even if you saved 50 percent of the not spent money into a jar or whatever, by the end of the year you could do many things with it.

      Have a great day!

  4. judy says:

    We’ve been doing periods throughout the year of no buying for a few years now. Sometimes easier said than done!! LOL We do have a loop on finding used items that we have been searching for but MUST be really worth it…no wants!! Can’t say we haven’t cheated though but still plugging along! LOL We use some of our savings on bulk buying for supplies on the farm or food shelves then the rest into a emergency fund. We’re trying for a generator this year.

    What is a $20 fruit & veggie box? Interesting!

    Thanks for sharing! Oh, go to the movie & have a fun!

    • Dang had written it all out and lost it.. I will write again tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Judy, going to try answering again.. the 20 dollar box is a good food box, its a not-for profit group buy in to help provide a once a month access to wholesale fruits and veggies.. its offered locally and its a great deal, you normally get around 30 to 40 dollar at retail price for your 10 dollars.. but with the way the dollar is going and the time of the year, its tricky. they buy local when they can, they buy in season and on sale so its normally pretty good savings.

      while I do not need it most of the year, its handy in winter time and its such a excellent community program that we buy it monthly, if you do not pick it up, the food goes to our local food bank so nothing is every wasted.

      And I guess the vote is I can go to my show 🙂

  5. judy says:

    Absolutely great idea! Sounds like a good project to start in our area & really like that the unwanted food goes to a food bank.

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