Indoor Quail Breeding Box

Now I have my little quail in for the winter, I had raised them in their rabbit hutch and they did great right up until it was truly winter, and the snow came, the cold came, their pen was wrapped and stuffed with bedding and we had our first loss, a lovely little hen, I do not know that it was the cold that got her, did she not burrow in the foot by foot stuffed full of bedding in the enclosed bed area. or was it something else.

Regardless, hubby took one look and declared it the cold and voila, I got house quail..

I must tell you.. I love it!  They are the best little house pets, they sing, they purr, they are clean, they are easy to care for and some of them are moving right into tame to the point of silliness.


Meet Quinten, one of my male quails, he not only likes to cuddle, he likes to shoulder serf and watch the world go by while I work on the computer.. Sorry for the bad Selfie, but its all about him.. never mind me 🙂

We had hit only one snag, and that is while there was lots of room for my four hens and two boys in my big 16 square foot plus height, the pen they are in house is smaller and I found that with the loss of the one hen it took us to two males, three hens and what happened was the stronger male Brutus keeps the females on the bottom floor and keeps the other male up on the second floor level..

That will not due

1) because I will not allow my critters to live in a set up that encourages in-fighting.

2) this lowers and limits my breeding program, right now, all my hens are being breed to only one male..

So a second quail habitat needed to be made for in house use.. it needs to be draft free, it needs to let the light in as I want those hens laying eggs, it needs to have good air flow and it needs to be sturdy and safe from the purr-pots and hounds.


So we took a tote, trimmed out the top plastic, replaced it with wire top for air flow and for safety in case a purr-pot sits on it, we put it on the top, if you did not have to worry about that, it would look prettier under.

Then we drilled two holes, ran wire and twisted it into place, small zip ties would also work if you wanted to do so. We drilled holes to hang the feed dishes, put our straw in and voila! a perfect little two bird honeymoon suit.


It can also very easily be used for other things at later date. Total cost.. 6.99 for tote (it was a after Christmas sale), recycled the top wire from a old item, the wire was a gift and 20 min or so of our time..

The wee breeding pair are very pleased, it fits well in a nook by the plant lights on the other side from where the other pen is.  Let me tell you, this male was so happy to be given his own pen an female, he was strutting an getting busy lol  I am in the process of collecting quail eggs for my first test hatch of the year.


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