Beeswax -Grades and cleaning

What a great gift I got yesterday, I brought home some lovely local honey but I was also able to bring home a big box filled with uncleaned beeswax.. The bee keeper had already graded the wax, I assume for his own purpose when planning to clean it at a later date.

I had hoped to bring home fresh wax for use in my salves for the year but I came away with much more then that..  I will get to play a bit for sure on what I do with it..


This is a quite big box and it has what appears to be average color mix to it.


this box is filled with very light and very clean comb. I expect that this will be my best wax for my salve making but time will tell me if I am right


This is the smallest amount and its very dark comb indeed.. Below is a half filled white kitchen garbage bag filled with already partly prepared for melting wax.


Have you worked with raw wax? I will keep you up to date on my process and how it goes. What would you make with it?

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2 Responses to Beeswax -Grades and cleaning

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’m just going paste in my comment from FB…
    When doing extraction, we always dropped the cut off cappings and extra wax from various sources (waste not, want not; ) into the “cappings tank” – which also doubled as a work stand for uncapping frames – and any dripping honey (well most of it; ) also went right into the tank.
    Once there was enough in the tank, we’d put the lid on and turn on the heaters until all the honey sinks to the bottom and the wax plus anything extra floats to the top.
    Now these extra solids make up something that Dad called slum-gum and comes from the old, (dark) wax; which contains lots of cast-off skin cells, propolis, pollen, and dirty foot prints from many generations of bees; )
    Everything would have then gone outside to allow the bees “rob” the honey back to clean it up.
    If you’re using water (instead of honey; ) to float your wax, you can still separate the slum-gum from the wax by just pushing it all (gently and s l o w l y) together, off to one side. I used an old tea strainer (sorry Mom; ) to fish out the majority of the solids as I went along…
    Never had to use cloth to strain and there was very little wasted wax left with the slum-gum; but you could probably feed it to the critters anyway, couldn’t you?

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