New Sheep on the Farm -Tess

Today we picked up Tess, aka Tesseracts, the black sheep..  There was a few to pick from but she was the stand out, her temperament, her size and her excellent hair sheep winter coat.


She was gotten in honor of Jason’s story in the book called, you guessed it.. Black Sheep


She is big (but young yet) she is chill, she is expecting and I like her very much, I have great hopes for training her for being a milk sheep in the future. She had her collar on and was tied for safety, she was totally just hanging out watching the world go by, sometimes sniff my hand and then just looking and watching..


The sheep flock however are “AH” its a new and its black.. Poor girl, we put out lots of extra hay, they will all settle down soon.  I know the farmer I got her from, and was very comfortable putting her out with the flock..  (if you do not know where they came from or are in doubt, please be careful about just adding a new critter to the flocks)

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