In Memory of Maeve

As crazy as it seems to me, my daughter would be turning 17 today.. 17 years old, and my son Nat would have been 11, the years are flying by. Maeve would be driving? She would be starting to be more interested in boys then her horse, she would be fighting to grow up, and I know I would both so proud of her and wanting just a little more time, Nat would be at that teen stage, I am betting, he would have taken a touch after hubby and be a thinker, a bit more wild like mom with amazing depths, folks would call him old souled, but at home or around friends, sharp as a tack and witty..

I dreamed of  them last night.. its both a sorrow an a joy to hold them in my heart, as I did so briefly in my arms.

I am blessed with a husband who’s love and kindness humbles me daily.. and I have many things I am grateful for..

Normally I post a photo of a angel or picture that moves me, and I have tried over the years to have them mature and grow with her, sometimes she is angel and sometimes she is a fairy.

This year though I am changing it up.. I am going to post photo’s of her and a few of us together..  she was so tiny and such a tough little girl, she held on as long as she could.

So today, lift a glass in their memory, Happy Birthday Maeve Arlene Sharp, always remembered by you mom, dad. grandma’s and your aunty Hill an more..





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12 Responses to In Memory of Maeve

  1. Awwww, what a precious little blessing.

  2. grammomsblog says:

    My heart feels for you today – the day Maeve was born and the day you became her Mother. A mother’s love (and father’s) always remains in our hearts, as do the memories. HUGS to you today.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures – you look so proud of your little girl!

    • Thanks for the kind words.. yes, they always stay with us regardless of how short their stay with us was.. I wish I had pictures of my son like I do of my daughter but alas a different hospital and very different way of treating the parents

  3. Lake Lili says:

    As always my thoughts and prayers are with you both. Thank you for sharing such and important part of you life with us. (((hugs)))

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