Food in Jar’s Challange -February -Salt Preserving

It’s the first of February and that means it’s time to take on the second project in the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge. This month is all about salt preserving. For the purposes of this challenge, we’re going to focus on dry brining or curing. Think salt preserved citrus, salt preserved herbs (herbes salees), gravlax, cured egg yolks, sauerkraut, infused salts, and kimchi. We’re going to stay away from meat and wet-brined ferments.

Remember that the goal of this challenge is to help you expand your skills while creating something that you’ll actually use. So choose a project or recipe that will satisfy both your own learning and help you make something delicious.

Let me first say, just how sad I was to see that she removed meat and wet-brined ferments, I had planned to work a full lamb for you and do bacon, salt cured leg of lamb and so much more..  in fact I still think I might just stay with my plan and share them with my readers while doing the other Salt preserving running side by side with this challenge..

Perhaps she plans on doing a wet or dry meat cure later in the year 🙂 That would be fun, and I am quite sure I can find ways to do more at that time.

I have been curing meats on the farm for many years now. I will do one salt preserving recipe that DOES meet the Food in Jar’s rules per week for this coming month.. two out of four posts are already done. and ready to go up 🙂

Here is a link to the full months worth of round ups for the Marmalade Challenge, there are so many amazing different ones made by the awesome bloggers that are part of the challenge..

I was very pleased to see that my kumquat Marmalade made the list 🙂






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