Canada 150 Food Blog Challange -Feb 2017- Doing Without

Canada 150 Food Blog Challenge for February 2017: Doing Without

Because the winter larder has traditionally been lean for so many Canadians, the February topic is about doing without food (or specific foods). Some possible angles:

-Meatless, eggless, gluten-, sugar- or dairy-free dishes from the past
-Clever food substitutes, like apple pie made with crackers and lemon juice
-Wartime rationing
-The Irish Potato Famine
-Privation in early settlements or remote areas
-Fasting observances like Lent or Ramadan

We’re looking for blog posts of any length, in either French or English, that relate to the topic. To enter, simply publish your entry within the month of February and post it here on the CHC Facebook page

There is a list of all the blogs that have posted to date on the main site which is linked above

But here are my two favorites so far

Backyard Farms Year of the rooster

urbnspice potlatch salmon


But this months challenge certainly got me thinking about my own wartime challenge I did in march of 2015.. For all my new readers, who are interested in those type of food and recipes an history.. I will put links in this post if you might like to have a read on any of the subjects 🙂

March War Challenge overview

Didn’t quite get the full month done.. short by four days.. but it was a great blog challenge for me 🙂 I look forward to taking my books, and the history learned and working out a single post to be submitted into the 150 year blog challenge on Wartime food and making due.




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